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Beware the Idaho flying burrito!

A Florida woman was arrested after she attacked her boyfriend during a fight over a blanket. 20-year-old Emma Campbell and her boyfriend Alexander McCall were lying in bed when they started arguing over the temperature in the room. The argument turned physical when they began fighting over who got to use the blanket. That’s when […]


This calendar stinks.

Some industrious Florida women are hoping that they can raise funds by promising to deliver a really crappy 2015 … to donors willing to shell out a few bucks for a calendar they’re calling “Ladies of Manure.”The women are all members of the Fertile Earth Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about home gardening, […]


More than one kind of weed can get you tossed into the slammer these days.

A Tennessee woman was sent to jail earlier this week … because her front yard was full of weeds. Karen Holloway was cited by her town after numerous complaints were lodged about the state of her yard, which she admitted was in pretty bad shape. Holloway says that she and her husband, who recently returned […]


Mommy, why is Santa throwing up???

A Florida man tried staking a claim to a piece of real estate – by attacking the owners and claiming he owned it because his sister had been burned at the stake there as a witch. Michael T. White stormed into a neighboring yard waving a chainsaw above his head and muttering about witches and […]


How to leave a lousy tip:

An Indiana teenager gave new meaning to the term “dirty money” by trying to pay a restaurant check with dollar bills that he’d used as toilet paper. The 17-year-old, whose name was not released due to his age, was reportedly part of a rowdy group that had been causing trouble for servers at the newly […]


It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a bounce house filled with children!

A British crook gave new meaning to knocking back a couple of drinks – after knocking himself out on a low-hanging shelf while trying to steal some booze from his local market. The man, whose name was not released, decided to get an early start on his imbibing by swiping some wine from a supermarket […]


NO. You WILL eat those cold onion rings.

A bad joke by a passenger caused panic on a flight from Philadelphia bound for Dominican Republic. On Wednesday night, a 54-year-old male passenger allegedly said, “I have Ebola, you are all screwed.” When the flight landed just after 1 p.m. local time, officials in hazmat suits boarded the plane while frightened passengers were told […]


Looking to move? It'll only cost you one iPhone 6.

Police were sent on a routine mission in Western Canada based upon a tip they had received regarding a large marijuana farm hidden in the wilderness. As they made their way through the dense forest they stumbled upon something a bit more surreal. Encircling the compound were a dozen black bears which were seen to […]