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C'mon Ebay! It's a beautiful lamp!

A Dutch man, who may have watched A Christ­mas Story a few too many times, had the bright idea to cre­ate his own leg lamp – out of his own ampu­tated leg. Leo Bon­ten broke his leg two years ago, but an infec­tion left him with no choice but to have the limb ampu­tated. That’s […]


Try the noodles, maaaaaannnn...

Most under­age partiers run from the police instead of call­ing them. But in Puyallup, Wash­ing­ton, a teenager called the cops on his own party after more than 70 peo­ple showed up – and began trash­ing his par­ents’ house. The 16-year-old had planned to invite friends over while his par­ents were out of town for the […]


Now that's a tasty burger!

A Chi­nese tod­dler is lucky to be alive and is expected to make a full recov­ery after shov­ing a chop­stick up his nose and into his brain. And you thought you had trou­ble using chop­sticks. The two-year-old under­went four hours of surgery to remove the uten­sil which was stuck three-inches into his brain. The boy’s […]


Going out for dinner is always a good choice.

Once again prov­ing that the best thing to make for din­ner is reser­va­tions, a New Hamp­shire cou­ple decided to go out to eat on Mon­day night 10 min­utes before their house blew up! William and Susan Fos­ter of Danville had just restored the 300-year-old home, and have so far been too shaken to make any […]


Winter is coming... to Wichita.

A dot­ing grand­mother in Eng­land was proud of the five-foot plant she’d cul­ti­vated in her gar­den – until she found out it was mar­i­juana. Patri­cia Hewit­son of Exmouth was pleased to watch the plant sprout, and she duti­fully watered it and made sure it got good light. But she didn’t know exactly what it was, […]


PSA: Don't light your friends on fire while they are driving.

Some of the strangest tourist attrac­tions in Great Britain involve ancient fig­ures carved into fields, but the van­dals who turned a Tem­per­ance, Michi­gan high-school foot­ball field into a field of porn on August 30th aren’t likely to be admired years from now. In fact, they are being accused of inter­fer­ing with activ­i­ties at Bed­ford Senior […]


Is that a banana in your pocket?

A Florida man was hauled in by cops on Tues­day after he was spot­ted walk­ing in traf­fic, pro­vid­ing unwanted car washes — with his own urine! Offi­cers were called to the scene by wit­nesses who reported that Eric Rev­ello was wan­der­ing aim­lessly in the mid­dle of the street and reliev­ing him­self on ran­dom vehi­cles. When […]


Something stinks in Washington.

A town in Wash­ing­ton state is tak­ing a stand against offen­sive behav­ior. Peo­ple with foul body odor will want to think twice before going out in pub­lic. The Seat­tle sub­urb of Burien, Wash­ing­ton has passed an ordi­nance ban­ning cer­tain behav­ior in pub­lic places, and that includes using foul lan­guage, wear­ing inap­pro­pri­ate cloth­ing and poor hygiene. […]