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Check out these sweet buds maaaannnn...

A woman in Colom­bia had to go to the emer­gency room after she made a half-baked attempt at birth con­trol – by insert­ing a potato into her lady parts to keep her from get­ting preg­nant. The 22-year-old woman, whose name was not released, went to a clinic to com­plain about severe abdom­i­nal pain – and […]



An Ari­zona man gave new mean­ing to the term “dope ring” when he stole a dia­mond band worth more than $160,000 and traded it for a stash of weed – which would’ve cost him about 20 bucks in cash. Wal­ter Earl Mor­ri­son, who was work­ing as a cargo han­dler at a UPS facil­ity, snatched a […]


PSA: Don't drink and jog.

A Penn­syl­va­nia col­lege stu­dent gave a whole new mean­ing to the term “beer run” when he got him­self busted for the unusual charge of jog­ging while intox­i­cated. James Finan was stopped by cops who observed cars swerv­ing to avoid him as he jogged along the edge of a high­way near DeSales Uni­ver­sity in the wee […]


Drop the spaghettios and get out of the car!

A cou­ple of Geor­gia cops could be in hot water … after mis­tak­ing Spaghetti-O’s for meth dur­ing a rou­tine traf­fic stop. Offi­cers pulled over Ash­ley Gabrielle Huff and noticed a spoon in the pas­sen­ger seat, which was coated in a “sus­pi­cious” sub­stance that they thought to be cooked-on meth. Huff, who has no crim­i­nal history, […]


C'mon Ebay! It's a beautiful lamp!

A Dutch man, who may have watched A Christ­mas Story a few too many times, had the bright idea to cre­ate his own leg lamp – out of his own ampu­tated leg. Leo Bon­ten broke his leg two years ago, but an infec­tion left him with no choice but to have the limb ampu­tated. That’s […]


Try the noodles, maaaaaannnn...

Most under­age partiers run from the police instead of call­ing them. But in Puyallup, Wash­ing­ton, a teenager called the cops on his own party after more than 70 peo­ple showed up – and began trash­ing his par­ents’ house. The 16-year-old had planned to invite friends over while his par­ents were out of town for the […]


Now that's a tasty burger!

A Chi­nese tod­dler is lucky to be alive and is expected to make a full recov­ery after shov­ing a chop­stick up his nose and into his brain. And you thought you had trou­ble using chop­sticks. The two-year-old under­went four hours of surgery to remove the uten­sil which was stuck three-inches into his brain. The boy’s […]


Going out for dinner is always a good choice.

Once again prov­ing that the best thing to make for din­ner is reser­va­tions, a New Hamp­shire cou­ple decided to go out to eat on Mon­day night 10 min­utes before their house blew up! William and Susan Fos­ter of Danville had just restored the 300-year-old home, and have so far been too shaken to make any […]