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Is that a banana in your pocket?

A Florida man was hauled in by cops on Tues­day after he was spot­ted walk­ing in traf­fic, pro­vid­ing unwanted car washes — with his own urine! Offi­cers were called to the scene by wit­nesses who reported that Eric Rev­ello was wan­der­ing aim­lessly in the mid­dle of the street and reliev­ing him­self on ran­dom vehi­cles. When […]


Something stinks in Washington.

A town in Wash­ing­ton state is tak­ing a stand against offen­sive behav­ior. Peo­ple with foul body odor will want to think twice before going out in pub­lic. The Seat­tle sub­urb of Burien, Wash­ing­ton has passed an ordi­nance ban­ning cer­tain behav­ior in pub­lic places, and that includes using foul lan­guage, wear­ing inap­pro­pri­ate cloth­ing and poor hygiene. […]


Pizza sounds good. Or... not.

A Florida man who was arrested Mon­day for attack­ing his wife at their home says he did it because she didn’t leave him enough fried chicken. 45-year-old Desmond Leon Brown­lee was charged with strik­ing and chok­ing his wife in the mid­dle of the night after his crav­ing for some left­over chicken went unful­filled. The attack […]


Heyyyy man, check out what I've got in my locker...

A 69-year-old Florida woman didn’t like her adult son get­ting fresh with her, so she took out the Febreze and got fresh with him. Now, she’s fac­ing bat­tery charges. Jenny Ellis and her son, who suf­fers from a men­tal ill­ness, got into an argu­ment. Ellis claims that he called her deroga­tory name. She grabbed the […]


WiFi hotspots are no laughing matter.

A Col­orado woman will have to face the music for point­ing a rifle at an 11-year-old neigh­bor who was play­ing his clar­inet too loudly for her. Cheryl Ann Pifer had report­edly been drink­ing heav­ily when she con­fronted the boy, who was prac­tic­ing for his music class in his yard because a younger sib­ling was sleeping […]


It's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's a rat!

A Florida man had to wipe the smile off his face after he for­got to wipe the pot off his face — and got busted dur­ing a traf­fic stop near his home. Cops spot­ted Ben­jamin Nut­ter dri­ving with­out license plates and tried to pull him over — but Nut­ter eluded them, slow­ing down every once […]


He managed to find room for one more bite...

It has been a bru­tal week for NFL play­ers off the field. The Ray Rice story just keeps get­ting uglier and more dis­gust­ing. And now, reports are sur­fac­ing that for­mer Cow­boy run­ning back Mar­ion Bar­ber was arrested in June for flash­ing a loaded pis­tol at church. Mak­ing mat­ters worse, he was pack­ing three mag­a­zines filled […]


The smell can also be quite overwhelming...

A Ken­tucky man with a his­tory of sleep­walk­ing is lucky to be alive after sleep­walk­ing off a 60-foot cliff. The man was camp­ing with friends at the Red River Gorge when he appar­ently walked off the cliff. His friends found him in the morn­ing lay­ing on the large boul­ders below. Res­cuers had to rap­pel down […]