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Neither rain nor sleet nor pants

Nei­ther rain, nor snow, nor lack of pants kept an Okla­homa man from creep­ing out his neigh­bors.  Hillard Stallings earned a stamp of dis­ap­proval after a woman called 911 to report that he was hang­ing out by his mail­box dis­play­ing what he appar­ently con­sid­ered his spe­cial deliv­ery pack­age. Cops arrived and parked across the street, […]


(Don't) Eat Your Greens

A Florida woman found out that eat­ing your greens isn’t always good for you.  The deputy who detained Cristina Ann Jack­son says he noticed a strong smell of weed on her breath, and when he began ques­tion­ing her, it appeared that her tongue was green. After a few min­utes, she admit­ted that she’d tried to […]


Your $$ is no good here. Or anywhere.

After a fairly inex­pen­sive lunch at Applebee’s Michael Williams’ debit card was refused.  Instead of leav­ing his id behind and grab­bing some cash from an ATM Michael thought that hand­ing the cashier some coun­ter­feit cash would take care of it. He may have got­ten away with it if it had been a $50 or $100 […]


Just alittle poop faced

A Florida woman was arrested after she got loaded and attacked her adult daugh­ter with a loaded dia­per. 25-year-old Jes­sica Cald­well returned home to find that her 53-year-old mother, Christine O’Keefe, who was babysit­ting her two-year-old daugh­ter, was drunk. Police say an argu­ment ensued and even­tu­ally became phys­i­cal. That’s when O’Keefe picked up the tot’s dirty […]


Spiderman face!

24-year-old Eric Rico Ortiz suf­fers from arachno­pho­bia and the mere sight of a spi­der creeps him out.  But now he’ll have to see one every time he looks in the mir­ror because he got a GIANT black spi­der tat­tooed on his FACE!  He offers up this expla­na­tion: “You see those spi­ders, you’re going to jump, so […]


This guy's a wiz

In this econ­omy peo­ple have to be proac­tive and a Chicago-area busi­ness­man thinks he can expe­ri­ence the sweet smell of suc­cess! Jeff Ben­nett devel­oped a burn­ing desire to move con­sumers beyond what he calls “girly scents” and burned the can­dle at both ends until he came out with his new line of dis­tinc­tive aro­mas, which […]


I smell a rat...or is that apple cake?

It’s tough to think of a less appe­tiz­ing way to cel­e­brate one’s 96th birth­day. Joseph Vallenti’s request for his big day was a slice of his favorite Ger­man apple cake, made by King Kullen super­mar­ket. After tak­ing the 1st bite the birth­day boy said, “Some­thing isn’t right.” Indeed. His niece’s boyfriend decided to inspect the […]


Firing by chocolate

Iowa man Robert McK­e­vitt says that he fed a dol­lar into a vend­ing machine for a Kit-Kat bar, but had the sweet treat get stuck at the edge of the row. His crav­ing was strong enough that he slid in another green­back to try to nudge the candy for­ward – a maneu­ver that also failed. McKevitt’s […]