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Now that's a tasty burger!

A Chinese toddler is lucky to be alive and is expected to make a full recovery after shoving a chopstick up his nose and into his brain. And you thought you had trouble using chopsticks. The two-year-old underwent four hours of surgery to remove the utensil which was stuck three-inches into his brain. The boy’s […]


Going out for dinner is always a good choice.

Once again proving that the best thing to make for dinner is reservations, a New Hampshire couple decided to go out to eat on Monday night 10 minutes before their house blew up! William and Susan Foster of Danville had just restored the 300-year-old home, and have so far been too shaken to make any […]


Winter is coming... to Wichita.

A doting grandmother in England was proud of the five-foot plant she’d cultivated in her garden – until she found out it was marijuana. Patricia Hewitson of Exmouth was pleased to watch the plant sprout, and she dutifully watered it and made sure it got good light. But she didn’t know exactly what it was, […]


Is that a banana in your pocket?

A Florida man was hauled in by cops on Tuesday after he was spotted walking in traffic, providing unwanted car washes — with his own urine! Officers were called to the scene by witnesses who reported that Eric Revello was wandering aimlessly in the middle of the street and relieving himself on random vehicles. When […]


Something stinks in Washington.

A town in Washington state is taking a stand against offensive behavior. People with foul body odor will want to think twice before going out in public. The Seattle suburb of Burien, Washington has passed an ordinance banning certain behavior in public places, and that includes using foul language, wearing inappropriate clothing and poor hygiene. […]


Pizza sounds good. Or... not.

A Florida man who was arrested Monday for attacking his wife at their home says he did it because she didn’t leave him enough fried chicken. 45-year-old Desmond Leon Brownlee was charged with striking and choking his wife in the middle of the night after his craving for some leftover chicken went unfulfilled. The attack […]


Heyyyy man, check out what I've got in my locker...

A 69-year-old Florida woman didn’t like her adult son getting fresh with her, so she took out the Febreze and got fresh with him. Now, she’s facing battery charges. Jenny Ellis and her son, who suffers from a mental illness, got into an argument. Ellis claims that he called her derogatory name. She grabbed the […]


WiFi hotspots are no laughing matter.

A Colorado woman will have to face the music for pointing a rifle at an 11-year-old neighbor who was playing his clarinet too loudly for her. Cheryl Ann Pifer had reportedly been drinking heavily when she confronted the boy, who was practicing for his music class in his yard because a younger sibling was sleeping […]