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Gun toteing banana

Police in Beau­mont, Texas, cited an 18-year-old for vio­lat­ing a city ordi­nance that pro­hibits solic­it­ing in and along­side road­ways after they received mul­ti­ple calls about a man car­ry­ing an AK-47 while dressed as a banana near High­way 105!The teen was help­ing to adver­tise the grand open­ing of the Golden Tri­an­gle Tac­ti­cal store’s new loca­tion. The […]


Old lady ice cubes

An elderly Chicago woman is finally free after her neighbor’s bro­ken water pipe caused ice that sealed her back door and left her trapped in her home for weeks! The busted pipe leaked so much that it caused a layer of ice that fully encased her door in a block of ice. Thanks to a […]


Fishy foulup

Appar­ently it’s over when the mounted fish sings … accord­ing to author­i­ties in Rochester, Min­nesota, a Big Mouth Billy Bass fish pre­vented the rob­bery of a tackle shop. The singing fish, which was mounted on the wall near the front door of the Hooked on Fish­ing tackle shop, would start singing “Take Me to the River” by […]


Is that a fire in your pants.....

A 13 year old girl in Maine sat down in class, heard a pop­ping sound from the back pocket and noticed smoke bil­low­ing from her behind!  Her iPhone had some­how caught on fire and she suf­fered first– and second-degree burns!   She was later treated and released from the hos­pi­tal.  Fire offi­cials spec­u­late that the […]


For the love of bacon

They say com­mu­ni­ca­tion and mutual respect are keys for a suc­cess­ful mar­riage, but for two cou­ples in Iowa, a side of bacon couldn’t hurt either. Two cou­ples decided to get mar­ried over the week­end at the Blue Rib­bon Bacon Fes­ti­val in Des Moines. Tricia Snider and Tom Wat­son tied the knot on Sat­ur­day and say they chose […]


Good cop, bad timeing

Paul Har­bord, had been drink­ing all day with friends at a pub in Old Shot­ton and had been told to expect “enter­tain­ment” shortly before a woman walked into the bar dressed as an offi­cer.  “Look, here is one of the strip­pers!” Har­bord allegedly yelled.  Har­bord danced around the offi­cer and flicked her with a bar […]


Stuck in a very poky position

A Penn­syl­va­nia woman who was vis­it­ing Brazil, San­dra Nabucco was out walk­ing her dog when she felt a hor­ri­ble thud on her head. A 10-pound por­cu­pine had fallen off a lamp post and landed on her.  San­dra was left with more than 200 por­cu­pine quills stuck in her scalp. A sur­geon removed all of the […]


Man becomes hood ornament and lives

Steven Gove, said he was head­ing home Sat­ur­day night from deliv­er­ing the Lakeshore Chron­i­cle news­pa­per on his three-wheeled bicy­cle when he was hit by a car and found him­self crash­ing through the vehicle’s wind­shield. His entire torso was inside the car!  Gove said, “Well, when I real­ized I was in his car, I said, ‘Hello! […]