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Shadow man on the moon!

A shadowy figure was spotted on the moon’s surface last month, and YouTube user Wowforreeel started using Google Moon, a    collection of millions of NASA images made public. Of course, the shadow might be explained in a number of ways, particularly as a trick of light or a camera lens glitch. But, since it appears […]


Burning desire goes up in flames

Firefighters say a British man was preparing a special surprise for his girlfriend, who was returning home after spending a month abroad. He put a bottle of champagne on ice, some flowers scattered around the bedroom and his girlfriend’s name spelled out with small candles on the floor. While he anxiously waited by the front […]


When life hands you donuts...

Life is so funny sometimes. One day you’re competing in a doughnut-eating contest against a bunch of cops and the next day those doughnut-eating cops are putting you in handcuffs. Bradley Hardison of North Carolina was crowned the winner of the National Night Out Against Crime doughnut-eating contest after he devoured eight in two minutes […]


Ghostly undergarments

British woman Pauline Hickson is overwhelmed by a spirit, which she insists has followed her from house to house and town to town – over the course of seven moves. Hickson claims that the poltergeist has tried a number of mischievous tricks, but always comes back to stealing her panties and bras. She says, “I’d […]


A belly full of excuses

A New Mexico grocery store clerk told Albuquerque police that Patrick Silva told her he had a gun and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t hand over some money. So she gave him a bag of cash and Silva took off running. Police later found him hiding in a pickup truck. But he tells […]


Naked dude only wanted a Sprite

A homeowner, whose name was not released, says that she was watching television with her husband and decided to go downstairs, where she found Freddie Shelby sleeping in her bed – with all of his clothing tossed on the floor nearby. Trouble is, she had no idea who this naked guy sprawled out on her […]


Hey, I know that lady!

Workers at an upscale leather store in California didn’t need a surveillance camera to identify a shoplifter — they just turned on the local news … where she works as a reporter. Sabina Rodriguez, who works for a Fox station in Sacramento, was busted last week when a Coach employee channel-flipped her way onto a […]


1 egg short of a dozen

A Nebraska man has been sentenced to 108 days in jail for driving drunk … with 100 chickens in his SUV. Luis Motola-Palacio was pulled over for drunk driving, but officers were also concerned about the 100 chickens they found crammed into the back of the vehicle. Nearly half of them were dead. Palacio was […]