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Stuck in a very poky position

A Penn­syl­va­nia woman who was vis­it­ing Brazil, San­dra Nabucco was out walk­ing her dog when she felt a hor­ri­ble thud on her head. A 10-pound por­cu­pine had fallen off a lamp post and landed on her.  San­dra was left with more than 200 por­cu­pine quills stuck in her scalp. A sur­geon removed all of the […]


Man becomes hood ornament and lives

Steven Gove, said he was head­ing home Sat­ur­day night from deliv­er­ing the Lakeshore Chron­i­cle news­pa­per on his three-wheeled bicy­cle when he was hit by a car and found him­self crash­ing through the vehicle’s wind­shield. His entire torso was inside the car!  Gove said, “Well, when I real­ized I was in his car, I said, ‘Hello! […]


Why you should never take sheep intestines on a plane...

Ian Blake was pulled aside at Birm­ing­ham air­port when scan­ners thought they’d got­ten a whiff of plas­tic explo­sives, but the pack­age turned out to be noth­ing more than a bag of hag­gis — the intestines, lungs and kid­neys of a sheep stuffed into the animal’s stom­ach for extra-fine din­ing. The screen­ers apol­o­gized to Blake for […]


Do video games lead to crime? Well....yes!

A Ten­nessee man decided to test the cus­tomer ser­vice at his local Game Stop store.  The man phoned the shop to ask them to set aside copies of NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Ghosts and a brand new X-Box, which the clerk did.  The sus­pect came to the Game Stop to pick up the merchandise […]


A photo sharing opportunity gone bad

Free­land, PA police were hav­ing a hard time locat­ing Anthony Lescow­itch Jr., 35, who was wanted on charges includ­ing bur­glary and assault, so they posted his pic­ture on the offi­cial police Face­book account. Lescow­itch thought he was mock­ing the police when he shared the photo mere min­utes after it had been posted, but cops had […]


French fries could be detrimental to your sight

Although it’s a well-known fact that fast food poses some dan­ger to din­ers’ waist­lines, it appar­ently is a threat to their eyes as well.During an inci­dent at a McDonald’s in France, a woman suf­fered a scratched cornea after she was struck in the eye by a fly­ing French fry! The inci­dent occurred when another patron […]


Disney World can make you crazy

A Florida woman was try­ing to get to the hap­pi­est place on earth when she was arrested last week after danc­ing around and beat­ing her car with a bungee cord — while mut­ter­ing inco­her­ently about Dis­ney World. Deputies spot­ted Eliz­a­beth Quin­tana after she ran out of gas on a high­way, block­ing one lane while causing […]


The dirtiest man in the world?

An Iran­ian man named Amou Haji has claimed the title for the “Dirt­i­est Man in the World.”  He says that he hasn’t washed in 60 years because he thinks that clean­li­ness will bring him sick­ness. In addi­tion to the issue with bathing, Haji also enjoys din­ing on the rot­ten meat of dead por­cu­pines. Haji also enjoys stuff­ing his […]