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That's one Godly eggplant

A cook at an Ital­ian restau­rant in Louisiana recently found God – inside an egg­plant. Chef Jer­mar­cus Brady says he cut into an egg­plants and was shocked to see the word “God” spelled out with the seeds. He says it’s no coin­ci­dence that God appeared to him. He says he’s dealt with a lot of […]


He be trippin'

Wash­ing­ton state home­own­ers were awak­ened in the wee hours of the morn­ing when an uniden­ti­fied, naked man crashed through their front door and began loudly recit­ing pas­sages from the Bible while run­ning around the house. The woman resid­ing there dialed 911 while her hus­band grabbed a base­ball bat to inves­ti­gate the sit­u­a­tion and chased the […]


Woman gives birth on highway but is courteous enough to not block traffic

An Idaho woman didn’t hit a bump in the road with her baby bump – in fact, she deliv­ered her own daugh­ter in the mid­dle of dri­ving her­self to the hos­pi­tal. Shawna Uriguen says she began hav­ing con­trac­tions and decided it was prob­a­bly time to rush to the deliv­ery room, but lit­tle Kim­ber Marie was […]


Man just wanted "clothes and food, bro"

Accord­ing to Pierce County Supe­rior Court doc­u­ments, offi­cers responded to the St. Vin­cent De Paul thrift store and found Michael How­ell hid­ing inside a box of stuffed ani­mals in the yard out­side the store. The 29-year-old report­edly told offi­cers that he had smoked meth and then jumped in the box after he got spooked by […]


A hole in her escape plan

South Car­olina woman Christie Lee Davis drove a stolen car over to a friend’s house but was asked to leave when she became dis­rup­tive. She decided she wasn’t being dis­rup­tive enough and drove the car into the side of her friend’s house! When cops arrived to arrest her, she told them she was feel­ing sick, […]


Let's get the truck stop

Police say 56-year-old Joann Eliz­a­beth Wingate posted signs at a nearby truck wash offer­ing phys­i­cals for dri­vers who needed an updated exam to main­tain their com­mer­cial license. On at least two occa­sions, she picked up a dri­ver and drove him back to her house where she per­formed the exam. The prob­lem is she was fraudulently […]


Robot politicians

An Okla­homa politi­cian is demand­ing a recount in an elec­tion he just lost, say­ing the win­ning can­di­date is unfit to serve. Tim­o­thy Ray Mur­ray, a Repub­li­can who got just five per­cent of the vote against incum­bent Frank Lucas, says that he should be declared the win­ner – because Lucas was killed two years ago and […]


A newspaper would have worked just fine....

Kansas woman Ginny Grif­fith is fac­ing arson charges after she allegedly set a small fire in her home early on Fri­day morn­ing while try­ing to kill a spi­der. Five Hutchin­son Fire Depart­ment units were able to extin­guish the fire in Griffith’s half of a duplex. Fire­fight­ers found mul­ti­ple points of ori­gin for the fire and […]