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Fat Fold Flummux

A South Car­olina cop had a gut feel­ing that he should per­form a full body search on an obese man he’d pulled over at a traf­fic stop – and when he did, he found a huge stash of drugs stuffed into the guy’s belly-button. The deputy spot­ted a large quan­tity of heroin and a pile […]


Hey, that's no banana!!

Accord­ing to wit­nesses, Luis Gonzaga’s un-apeeling behav­ior started when he walked into the farm­ers’ mar­ket and made his pri­vate parts very pub­lic, then briefly cov­ered his crotch with a plas­tic bag. He then approached a female cus­tomer and rubbed against her – although she says she ini­tially assumed the man was acci­den­tally brush­ing her with […]


Keep That Cucumber Quiet!!

A Cana­dian man has found him­self in some­thing of a pickle after cops hauled him away from a pub­lic library for com­mit­ting a lewd act with a cucum­ber. Fred­er­ick Davis aroused sus­pi­cions from library work­ers when he sat down next to a woman and pulled out his lap­top – then bran­dished the veg­etable in a […]


Quit clowning around!

A Dutch court has con­victed three men of threat­en­ing behav­ior after one dressed up as a clown and chased unsus­pect­ing cyclists with an ax. A female bicy­clist was video­taped approach­ing the clown’s hid­ing place in bushes. The pros­e­cu­tors’ state­ment says the clown jumped out, screamed at the girl, raised the ax over his head and […]


It's like finding a needle in a...toe?

An ama­teur tat­tooist who lost a half-inch nee­dle in his arm was sur­prised to find it 40 years later—in one of his big toes! Ulf Bergström of Mala, Swe­den, says he lost the nee­dle while tat­too­ing him­self in 1974. He was wor­ried enough to seek med­ical atten­tion, but X-rays didn’t spot the nee­dle and eventually […]


It's too hot even for Jesus

A blis­ter­ing hot day can make any­body thank the good Lord for air con­di­tion­ing, so it makes per­fect sense for Jesus to appear in an AC unit. A Mis­sis­sippi man claims that an old, rusted air con­di­tion­ing unit con­tains 5000 BTUs as well as an image of Jesus. Christo­pher Golds­berry says he bought the old […]


She was pee o'd - twice

Iowa Police responded to the scene after receiv­ing a report that a the 30-year-old woman was intox­i­cated and refus­ing to leave a con­ve­nience store. Patri­cia Hun­ley was charged with mis­de­meanor pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion after she allegedly peed on her­self while in the store. When asked to leave, Hun­ley allegedly replied, “On my momma’s life I will […]


Human Flesh is Baaaaaaaahd

All artists know that, how­ever much their work makes sense to them, there’s always the chance it’ll be lost on oth­ers. With that said, this one is a real head-scratcher. 25-year-old Nor­we­gian artist Alexan­der Weng­shoel had to have hip replace­ment surgery to repair a birth defect. Before going under the knife, he decided to videotape […]