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Baby makes a splash!

A Connecticut baby has arrived with a splash! The baby’s father, David Davis, tells WVIT-TV that he was forced to deliver the newborn in the bathroom of his West Haven home Friday morning after his wife, Lillie, went into labor. He says the baby slipped through his hands during the delivery, but luckily had a […]


He didn't axe nicely

So, you’re driving along the highway minding your own beeswax when suddenly an axe flies through your windshield. That’s what happened to a driver at about 11 a.m. Wednesday on southbound Interstate 95 in Topsfield, MASS. A corner of its blade stuck in the passenger side of the car’s dashboard. The handle was sticking through […]


Softer than a boyfriend pillow?

You can now buy a chair that looks, feels, and smells like human flesh … if you’re into that sort of thing. For the low, low price of only $2,200, you can get a chair designed by London designer Gigi Barker, who actually infuses each of the leather chairs with a “pheromone-impregnated silicone base” and […]


Jail Dodos

Officers spotted Cindy Wingo and a male friend loitering outside a vacant home and decided to search her, turning up a meth pipe and a bottle of pee. When asked why she was carrying the liquid, she was reportedly evasive and unable to offer a reason. Deputy Chaney Brown said it was “not uncommon” for […]


I'm with stupid

68 year old John David Martinez strolled into a Wells-Fargo branch, approached a teller to hand her a bag and a note telling her to fill it with money or else. While an outdoor camera caught his license plate number the indoor surveillance cameras caught a nice image of his face and his shirt – […]


Mummified Manniquin

Two men hired to clean out a Florida rental house thought they found a mannequin hanging in the garage so they cut down what they believed to be a Halloween-style prank and took it to a landfill. But workers at the dump in west-central Florida grew suspicious of its foul odor and called authorities, who […]


His fly came undone

A lawyer in Kazakhstan, who was hired by his client to represent him in a case involving an inheritance, was unhappy with the judge’s ruling. So he approached the bench holding a flyswatter and said, “Let’s not hang about arguing the law here, let’s decide this with flyswatters” and then laid a smack down on […]


Pink jinx

Surveillance cameras captured footage of Daniel Lee Warn crawling through the drive thru window at an El Pollo Loco location before it opened for the day. He went through cash registers that turned out to be empty and grabbed a few small items before repeating the break-in route elsewhere. Apparently burglarizing can lead to an […]