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Bigfoot eats pizza and poops

Michi­gan man Anthony Padilla told offi­cers that he believes he awoke a sleep­ing Big­foot while clear­ing branches on his prop­erty, and things haven’t been the same since. Padilla went to the police sta­tion with an arm­load of evi­dence, includ­ing dead ani­mals, shred­ded pizza boxes and sus­pi­cious look­ing poop. While offi­cials have declined to assign any […]


Who steals a banana??

In Con­necti­cut a con­ve­nience store’s sur­veil­lance video shows a Ford sta­tion wagon smash­ing into the store and break­ing the glass doors, which set off the bur­glar alarm. The dri­ver grabbed him­self a banana – and then split before police arrived!     Florida woman Made­line Bro­gan drained the bag of frozen spinach in her sink, […]


Don't eat this chocolate cake

The Okla­homa Legislature’s rul­ing to allow a pri­vately funded statue of the Ten Com­mand­ments to be erected in 2012 at the state’s Capi­tol has paved the way for another reli­gious group to pro­pose their own mon­u­ment. The New York-based Satanic Tem­ple has for­mally sub­mit­ted plans and the design of a seven-foot statue of Satan that […]


Dirty Laundry

Two broth­ers, in their 50s, got into a heated dis­pute in their Des Moines home.  Jerome Davis ini­tially made and con­sumed three sand­wiches and then made three more within the next hour. Six sand­wiches in such a short period of time angered his brother, who con­fronted Davis about his over-eating.  Davis then allegedly pulled out […]


Young girl asks, "Will it stick?"

Police in Spain responded to an emer­gency call from a neigh­bor New Years Day and found a man, 24, unre­spon­sive and wrapped in a blan­ket in the trunk of a car!  Para­medics deter­mined the man was sim­ply passed out. When he came to, police said he told them he had a vague rec­ol­lec­tion of being […]


The #1 thing I don't want on my roof

A British man ended up in the tank after start­ing his new year with a high-octane bev­er­age — a nip of gaso­line from a sta­tion near his home. Brian Tay­lor has been arrested more than four dozen times for drink­ing or sniff­ing gaso­line. Tay­lor has actu­ally been banned from going into garages or gas stations […]


The worst parking spot ever!

It’s often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stom­ach, but it appears that the way to the heart of at least one woman runs through an entirely dif­fer­ent route — her toi­let.  A 27-year-old woman agreed to return to her husband’s home vil­lage in India, after he agreed in court […]


Not the "bingo" they were expecting

Port St. Lucie police said the 68-year-old man told offi­cers he and his wife, Velina argued after a church ser­vice when Oneal said his 92-year-old mother would have to sit in the mid­dle back seat of the car to even out the weight on the back tires. The man told Velina not to insult his […]