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Need "mow" beer!

Iowa man Billy Eugene Williams was steer­ing a mower errat­i­cally down the mid­dle of one of Des Moines’ busiest streets, which attracted the atten­tion of a pass­ing patrol car. When pulled over, he admit­ted he’d downed a 12-pack of brewskis and was on his way to buy another. Williams failed a num­ber of field tests, […]


Asleep on the job

Police say a drunken Russ­ian guy spent all of his money at a local bar and didn’t have any for cab fare – so, nat­u­rally, he decided the best idea was to steal a car and drive home. But after break­ing a win­dow and smash­ing the igni­tion mount­ing, he sud­denly became very sleepy and passed out.  […]


Its Ding Dong day at the museum

Jonah Fal­con – also known as the man with the world’s largest ding dong – has agreed to donate it to the Ice­landic Phal­lo­log­i­cal Museum after his death.  Falcon’s fam­ily jew­els will join the museum’s col­lec­tion, which includes more than 300 penises from more than 93 dif­fer­ent ani­mals, rang­ing in size from a two-millimeter ham­ster unit to […]


This game is in the crapper

 A Brazil­ian soc­cer fan was killed dur­ing a match last week when he was hit in the head by a fly­ing toi­let bowl. Fans of rival teams rioted in the stands dur­ing the game and police say three toi­lets that were ripped out of the bath­rooms were used as pro­jec­tiles.  It’s the lat­est inci­dent in […]


Home Economics FAIL

I pulled some stu­pid stuff in my days in school but noth­ing like this…four Iowa mid­dle school stu­dents weren’t feel­ing so sweet after they were arrested for try­ing to make pot cook­ies in home eco­nom­ics class!  Other stu­dents who knew about the plan alerted school offi­cials about the laced cookie dough while it was being […]


Selfie sabotage

Red­dit user Sup­plenup­ple, who wished to remain anony­mous for obvi­ous rea­sons, said he was hik­ing in Florida when he came across a seem­ingly friendly squir­rel and decided to take a selfie with it It turns out the squir­rel did not approve. “When I got close enough, the squir­rel actu­ally tried grab­bing my phone. I shook […]


At least he had socks on....

A Florida man proved you don’t have to be a lawyer to be an ambu­lance chaser – by run­ning after one of the emer­gency vehi­cles and hop­ping on the bumper to get a ride. Tim­o­thy Tor­fonz Baker, who slipped out of his pants at some point dur­ing the trek, was arrested after he hopped off the […]


Twerking Twits

Accord­ing to police, Christie Coura went to Beaver­ton City Hall to pay a fine with two friends. After Coura paid the fine, the three women went out to the park­ing lot and began twerk­ing.  Then things got weird… one of the friend’s allegedly began uri­nat­ing between cars in the park­ing lot while the whole thing […]