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Stuck in a squishy situation

I’ve used some good excuses but this 78-year-old Utah woman had the best excuse ever for missing an event she was supposed to attend with some friends. When she didn’t show up they called the police to report her missing. Luckily, police eventually found Sharon Brussell near Arches National Park – stuck up to her […]


Third time's a charm

A New Hampshire man is facing a number of charges after he allegedly hit a state trooper three times while drunk driving after a NASCAR race. Damian Biron was allegedly operating his red pickup truck in an unsafe manner when a trooper attempted to get him to pull over. The suspect didn’t stop for the […]


What a way to crash a pool party!

On Saturday a woman drove a Jeep across a parking lot, through a fence, and into a pool in Lakewood, Ohio. There were two men in the pool at the time of the crash and one of them said that he dove into the pool shortly before the incident, only to resurface and find the […]


A sleepy little crime scene

A pair of crooks in Florida made off with the haul of their dreams! Sebastian Gaarlandt and Kristine Gankos broke into several cars in the parking lot of a condo complex in Casselberry, stealing electronics, including several GPS devices, as well as other personal effects. The excitement of the heist apparently took a lot out […]


Come on out of the closet, Andrew

A Tennessee teenager ended up in police custody after he had trouble coming out of the closet. Homeowner Tonya Palmer opened her closet to try to put away some clothes and shoes that had been lying on the floor. She said that she noticed something strange on the floor, and bent down to check – […]


That's one Godly eggplant

A cook at an Italian restaurant in Louisiana recently found God – inside an eggplant. Chef Jermarcus Brady says he cut into an eggplants and was shocked to see the word “God” spelled out with the seeds. He says it’s no coincidence that God appeared to him. He says he’s dealt with a lot of […]


He be trippin'

Washington state homeowners were awakened in the wee hours of the morning when an unidentified, naked man crashed through their front door and began loudly reciting passages from the Bible while running around the house. The woman residing there dialed 911 while her husband grabbed a baseball bat to investigate the situation and chased the […]


Woman gives birth on highway but is courteous enough to not block traffic

An Idaho woman didn’t hit a bump in the road with her baby bump – in fact, she delivered her own daughter in the middle of driving herself to the hospital. Shawna Uriguen says she began having contractions and decided it was probably time to rush to the delivery room, but little Kimber Marie was […]