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Sometimes it's just too late to pray

Tra­verse Verite, jim­mied open the passenger’s side door of a car and came face to face with a drawn gun. Turns out the win­dows were tinted and he didn’t see the deputy sit­ting in the dri­vers side! Verite tried to backpedal from the crime, telling the deputy, “I thought you were my ride,” but couldn’t […]


Tunnel Vision

Daniel Cal­hon, of Sno­homish, Wash­ing­ton, was dri­ving a 1990 Toy­ota Camry and it drifted across the cen­ter line while inside a tun­nel and crashed head-on with a Ford Explorer! Both vehi­cles struck the tun­nel walls before a pickup hit the Camry!  Cal­hon told inves­ti­ga­tors he fainted yes­ter­day after­noon while hold­ing his breath in the Highway […]


Palm Tree Punch to the head!

Tony Calderon was wait­ing street side in East Los Ange­les when a palm tree’s 2,000-pound crown became detached and fell on top of him! Bystanders responded to his screams for help, but were unable to budge the tree top, which fire­fight­ers even­tu­ally had to remove using a crane. It took respon­ders nearly two hours to […]


A swift kick in the glass

A Florida man got a real kick in the glass. Hoyt Adams returned to break into the house and ended up jump­ing on a bed with such force that he got thrown through a closed win­dow. Adams bounced back and ran next door to dive through their front win­dow, but heavy shut­ters pre­vented him from […]


Fat woman squishes crocodile while riding circus bus

A Russ­ian rep­tile was hurt and vom­ited for sev­eral hours after it was crushed by an over­weight accoun­tant dur­ing an acci­dent on a cir­cus bus. WHAT??? When the bus hit a pot­hole, the 264-pound female accoun­tant went fly­ing and landed on top of the 6.5-foot croc­o­dile. A med­ical exam­i­na­tion of the ani­mal revealed that he […]


Revenge is a sweet sign

A “cheat­ing” hus­band in Eng­land is the tar­get of a neg­a­tive poster cam­paign that is being car­ried out by his wife. The alleged adulterer’s wife is putting posters all over town in Prest­wich that show her cheat­ing husband’s face and list his name, date of birth and phone num­ber. “Local lying cheat­ing scum­bag. Mar­ried, father […]


What eggs-actly are you going with those?

20-year-old Christo­pher King a bur­glary sus­pect in Bucks County, Penn­syl­va­nia, told police he was just bor­row­ing some eggs for break­fast. He admit­ted to climb­ing through his neighbor’s kitchen win­dow but says he only went in to get some ingre­di­ents for break­fast. Hey, it is after all the most impor­tant meal of the day. While inside […]


An explosive situation...

Secu­rity offi­cials at an Aus­tralian mall were pee­ing their pants when they evac­u­ated the shop­ping cen­ter over a sus­pi­cious pack­age. Guards at the Pacific Fair mall cleared the premises and called in cops to inves­ti­gate after a woman was spot­ted plac­ing parcels in trash cans around the grounds. Guards pointed the woman out to officers […]