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Time to update my facebook page!

A bur­glar in Min­nesota might just be the dumb­est guy in the world after he broke into a house and decided to check Face­book from the homeowner’s com­puter. He, of course, for­got to log off, so catch­ing him was pretty easy. The home­owner, James Wood, returned to his house to find it had been burglarized […]


This isn't your mother's slip n side

Texas mom Kisha Young picked up six kids from a com­mu­nity pool and made them sit on the trunk of her car because they were wet and she didn’t want the inte­rior of her Chevy Mal­ibu to get wet. Well, as you might expect, the six soaked kids slid right off the car and landed […]


Follow the jail

An Indi­ana man found out that adver­tis­ing doesn’t always pay off – when cops busted his syn­thetic mar­i­juana oper­a­tion after fol­low­ing a hand-scrawled sign read­ing “Drugs This Way.” Jere­miah Scales was taken into cus­tody after offi­cers saw the sign, which pointed down an alley to his girlfriend’s house, and staged a buy-and-bust sting that netted […]


Baby Got Bud

Florida father Teran­dell Cole­man allegedly approached Panama City police offi­cers with his 2-month-old tod­dler in tow and asked if they wanted to buy “bud” from him for $25. To be fair the offi­cers were in an unmarked vehi­cle but they were wear­ing their uni­forms and Cole­man still tried to make a sale! After the cops […]


Stuff that in your football and smoke it!

Detroit man Chris­ten Moore tried to go long with a foot­ball but instead of it land­ing in the yard, the ball wound up between two fences at the G. Robert Cot­ton Cor­rec­tional Facil­ity!  Now, toss­ing a foot­ball isn’t too out of the ordi­nary except that Moore was on the “free” side of the fence and […]


It's not a tumor. Oh, yes it is.

An Ari­zona woman is recov­er­ing at home after hav­ing a 47.5-pound (21.5 kg) tumor removed from her abdomen dur­ing life-saving surgery, doc­tors said. The Uni­ver­sity of Ari­zona Med­ical Cen­ter sur­geons worked for 10 hours to remove the mas­sive liposar­coma, a can­cer in the abdom­i­nal mus­cle, that had invaded Marcey DiCaro’s largest vein.   Amanda Ezra, […]


Sun roof or a moon roof?

A Florida man was arrested and charged with a sex offense for allegedly danc­ing out of a car sun­roof in Sara­sota County and expos­ing him­self to the 3 worst pos­si­ble wit­nesses. A 10-year-old, a grand­mother and a sheriff’s deputy! At the time, Jacob Tim­mer was “heav­ily intox­i­cated.” After Tim­mer was arrested and taken to jail, […]


Whatever floats your rubber boat

An Ohio man is behind bars for the third time in four years after try­ing to float his boat by get­ting busy with a neighbor’s pool float! Edwin Tobertga, who’d been out of jail for less than a month after serv­ing sev­eral months for get­ting ras­cally with a raft in a stranger’s back­yard, was caught […]