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Assault with a deadly squirrel

A vend­ing machine sell­ing brassieres in Osaka, Japan, attracted a lot of atten­tion but few cus­tomers. Une Nana Cool Corp. said seven bras had been bought via the machine as of Dec. 20.  A com­pany offi­cial said a lot of women had exam­ined the machine but they declined to pur­chase bras at a cost of […]


The Un-Welcome mat

The neigh­bors encoun­tered one another in the hall­way while accom­pa­nied by their boyfriends and dur­ing the meet­ing Dana Allen allegedly  locked the other woman’s attempt to get into her own apart­ment, police said. The vic­tim bumped Allen while try­ing to get by her, lead­ing Allen to allegedly throw her foun­tain drink at the other woman, […]


How many zeros is that?

Thank good­ness for poor eye­sight. A drive-by shoot­ing unleashed a wave of bul­lets on a Seat­tle home Sat­ur­day night, and one man­aged to hit a 16 year old girl while she was sleep­ing.  But she’s OK because she fell asleep with her glasses on and the bul­let actu­ally hit the bridge of her glasses and […]


Stupid Selfie

A bizarre story out of Brazil…When a woman, 37, arrived at Cabo Frio’s Woman’s Hos­pi­tal say­ing she was 41 weeks preg­nant and in pain with a pro­trud­ing belly and some kind of proof of pre­na­tal care doc­tors assumed she was in labor. “Because the doc­tors couldn’t pick up the [baby’s] heart­beat, they decided there wasn’t […]


The un-employee of the month

A Con­necti­cut man is “pin­ing” for his free­dom after being arrested for climb­ing the Christ­mas tree in his town’s square and rant­ing bizarrely until he was removed by cops. The appropriately-named Noel Del­gado got three-quarters of the way up the tree in the mid­dle of New Haven before get­ting stuck because the ban­ner he was […]


Facebook = faceplant in the ocean

Tevin Mon­roe approached the man­ager at a McDonald’s branch in Vir­ginia and asked if he could apply for a job there, only to be told that the paper­work was all avail­able online. The 31-year-old decided to try another kind of point-and-click instead, and lifted the front of his sweat­shirt to reveal that he was packing […]


Awkward hand positioning

A Chi­nese man who sev­ered his hand in a work acci­dent last month has finally had it re-attached to his arm. But wait a minute. If it wasn’t attached for an entire month, where was it? Not in a freezer. Not in a Ziploc bag. Doc­tors weren’t able to per­form the re-attachment surgery right away […]


Drunk in the Christmas aisle

A Florida man found out that being hard-headed is actu­ally a pretty good thing. Wal­ter San­ti­ago had just picked up his grand­daugh­ter from mid­dle school and was headed home, when he felt some­thing smack him in the tem­ple and noticed a lit­tle trickle of blood – and a bul­let sit­ting next to him in the driver’s […]