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Royal Bliss 1/6/2012

I had the plea­sure of meet­ing Royal Bliss and hav­ing them as guests on the Rock Show.  As you can see we’re all in high spir­its (except Jake who looks like he may eat us).   But that didn’t stop they guys from giv­ing me a kick ass inter­view and 2 really killer acoustic tunes!  Check […]


Willie Basse 12/08/2011

  Willie Base is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met!  The guy goes around per­form­ing for free so peo­ple in Amer­ica can eat! It doesn’t get any cooler than that.  Plus, he’s hilar­i­ous!  Lucky for me I got to have him in the stu­dio one morning.  Enjoy!  


Author Paul Brannigan 12/1/2011

  I had the plea­sure of inter­view­ing Paul Bran­ni­gan the author of the “unof­fi­cial” biog­ra­phy of Dave Grohl.  So far it’s the clos­est I’ve been able to get to him, ha!  Find out how Dave smells…I did!


Interview with PM5K's Spider

Pow­er­man 5000 is play­ing the Freak­ers Ball 2011 and lead singer Spi­der stopped into the stu­dio to visit with Piper!  Check out the interview here!  


Skid Row's Rachel Bolan 8/8/2011

Prob­a­bly THE nicest guy from Jer­sey.  Skid Row was in town for Rock the Falls 2011 so I snagged bassist Rachel Bolan for a phone interview. 


Comedian Ron White 7/26/2011

Come­dian Ron White came to Idaho Falls and per­formed at the Civic Audi­to­rium in July of 2011.  One of the fun­ni­est, down to earth come­di­ans I’ve had a chance to inter­view.  Enjoy!


Saliva's Josey Scott 7/20/2011

Saliva came rolling though town and I jumped at the chance to inter­view front­man Josey Scott. 


Anchored 4/13/2011

Dudes, you want to have fun…then hang with these guys.  Well, at least the ones who would get out of bed to hang in the stu­dio, ha!  Anchored rocked the Freaker’s Ball for 2 years and per­formed other times in SE Idaho just for fun.  Super down to earth, just great guys and fan­tas­tic musi­cians!  Plus, […]