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Go Pink Boots gets naked!

KBEAR 101 has acquired our very own globe trekker – Jill Gleeson of is a ridiculously fun gal that craves adventure!  The best part?  She is clumsy, humble and  willing to do just about anything!  Go Pink Boots is ALL about stretching her comfort zone as she travels the world and shares her adventures […]


Piper Interviews Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Piper had a chance to catch up with Josh Todd, lead singer for Buckcherry before they played at the Civic Auditorium on January 20th, 2014. What’s up with the giant ink on his back and how did Buckcherry really get their name?  Get the answers and more below!    


Hotel Diablo Interview

Hotel Diablo was in Idaho Falls on Jan 5th for the annual Holiday Rehab Show with 78 Productions and they stopped in the studio after sound check  to visit with KBEAR’s Jade Davis.  Listen to the interview here:


Piper interviews Sal from My Darkest Days

I had the pleasure (for the 2nd time) to interview My Darkest Days lead guitarist Sal Coz Costa and the best part is he was half naked!  Ok, I can’t prove that BUT who am I to judge? Check out the interview to be privy to  some pranks they play on the tour bus and […]


Royal Bliss 1/6/2012

I had the pleasure of meeting Royal Bliss and having them as guests on the Rock Show.  As you can see we’re all in high spirits (except Jake who looks like he may eat us).   But that didn’t stop they guys from giving me a kick ass interview and 2 really killer acoustic tunes!  Check […]


Willie Basse 12/08/2011

  Willie Base is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met!  The guy goes around performing for free so people in America can eat! It doesn’t get any cooler than that.  Plus, he’s hilarious!  Lucky for me I got to have him in the studio one morning.  Enjoy!  


Author Paul Brannigan 12/1/2011

  I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Brannigan the author of the “unofficial” biography of Dave Grohl.  So far it’s the closest I’ve been able to get to him, ha!  Find out how Dave smells…I did!


Interview with PM5K's Spider

Powerman 5000 is playing the Freakers Ball 2011 and lead singer Spider stopped into the studio to visit with Piper!  Check out the interview here!