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Tommy Lee hangs from the ceiling in his drumkit!



Woman happy after dog vomits

A Wis­con­sin woman Lois Matykowski’s lost her dia­mond wed­ding ring six years ago and never found it despite look­ing every­where she could think of. Unfor­tu­nately, she never thought of look­ing in her dog’s stom­ach, because her 10-year-old Rot­tweiler mix, Tucker, recently became sick after swal­low­ing a Pop­si­cle stick. After a visit to the vet and […]


Hey, that's not white chocolate!

Cus­toms offi­cers at Newark Lib­erty Inter­na­tional air­port were exam­in­ing lug­gage from pas­sen­gers arriv­ing to New Jer­sey on a flight from Guatemala City. Guatemalan cit­i­zen Mauri­cio Her­nan­dez was arrested after offi­cers allegedly dis­cov­ered some cook­ies in his bags with 118 pel­lets of cocaine baked into them! A $50,000 street value! He faces state charges of narcotics […]


Funny Money

John Jerni­gan was arrested and charged with 13 counts of utter­ing a coun­ter­feit bill after he allegedly tried to pay a $400 tres­pass­ing fine with a col­lec­tion of bills that had the same ser­ial num­ber! A cour­t­house clerk noticed that the $20 bills looked funny and alerted a deputy.When he was con­fronted Jerni­gan at first […]


KBEAR FREE Summer Show!

Come and hang out on the deck at the Frosty Gator on the fine Sun­day after­noon of June 1st!  4p all ages! Right­eous Vendetta is pass­ing through and so we thought you’d dig another free sum­mer show!  Plus, they are going to open for Trapt on June 18th!  Click here for those details.


"Cannibal Cop" now makes pizza (no meat, please)

A for­mer New York police offi­cer, who became known as “Can­ni­bal Cop” after he con­spired to kid­nap, tor­ture and eat women, has landed an ironic job behind bars. 30-year-old Gilberto Valle was con­victed a year ago and is in a Man­hat­tan cor­rec­tional facil­ity await­ing his sen­tence. But while he waits, he’s landed a job earn­ing 44 […]


Snake River Animal Shelter rummage and bake sale!


The Best Of RAD CHAD

APRIL FOOLS! Ha ha ha, what a blast yes­ter­day was. Man­aged to freak out and piss off so many peo­ple, includ­ing my own fam­ily! Can’t believe it all went so well. Thank you all for the love, glad to hear you enjoy me on the air­waves a lit­tle more than Rad Chad! Gotta throw some thanks […]