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Battle of the Bands

If you’re in a band and all your band mates are 21 or younger then sign up to be part of the Battle of the Bands at the Roaring Youth Jam this weekend at the Greenbelt!  All the details are in this application form!  Print it out and take it to the Idaho Falls Arts […]


Unrealeased Acoustic Halestorm!


Careful, he'll gum you to death

Washington state man Kenneth Chambers, who lost all of his teeth somewhere along the line, squabbled with the woman who shared his double-wide after she refused to clean his ears. he began shouting, then pulled the trailer’s screen door off its hinges before lunging at her and sinking his gums into her arm! The alarmed […]


Tommy Lee hangs from the ceiling in his drumkit!



Woman happy after dog vomits

A Wisconsin woman Lois Matykowski’s lost her diamond wedding ring six years ago and never found it despite looking everywhere she could think of. Unfortunately, she never thought of looking in her dog’s stomach, because her 10-year-old Rottweiler mix, Tucker, recently became sick after swallowing a Popsicle stick. After a visit to the vet and […]


Hey, that's not white chocolate!

Customs officers at Newark Liberty International airport were examining luggage from passengers arriving to New Jersey on a flight from Guatemala City. Guatemalan citizen Mauricio Hernandez was arrested after officers allegedly discovered some cookies in his bags with 118 pellets of cocaine baked into them! A $50,000 street value! He faces state charges of narcotics […]


Funny Money

John Jernigan was arrested and charged with 13 counts of uttering a counterfeit bill after he allegedly tried to pay a $400 trespassing fine with a collection of bills that had the same serial number! A courthouse clerk noticed that the $20 bills looked funny and alerted a deputy.When he was confronted Jernigan at first […]


KBEAR FREE Summer Show!

Come and hang out on the deck at the Frosty Gator on the fine Sunday afternoon of June 1st!  4p all ages! Righteous Vendetta is passing through and so we thought you’d dig another free summer show!  Plus, they are going to open for Trapt on June 18th!  Click here for those details.