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Devil Baby Attack!

Check out this great promotional prank video for the upcoming horror film “DEVIL’S DUE” that we discussed this morning.


This 11 year old kid would smoke you on the guitar.

Hey, he smokes me too so don’t take out your frustrations on me! – Viktor  


Atomic Wedgie Madness!

Warrenton, OR police said a woman had stolen $13 from Subways tip jar and attempted to use the case to purchase her $12.75 meal. The woman was gone by the time police arrived but they soon heard reports of a woman matching the suspect’s description stealing from a Fred Meyer store and causing a disturbance […]


Cooking Hostile

Check out episode two of Cooking Hostile with Phil Anselmo and friends! Here’s the facebook page so you can catch up on episode #1 too!


Mary gets her groovy on

Bubba Murphy of Berkeley Lake said a neighnor  woman mistook his holiday display, for an actual person in distress and called 911.  If you didn’t kow the Muphy family personally you may have too.  The display features a mannequin surrounded by Christmas lights dangling from his home with a fallen ladder on the ground below. […]


Piper goes to the zoo

I had an opportunity to visit Tautphaus Park Zoo the other day.  It was zero degrees outside and normally this time of year the Zoo is closed but I was invited to see behind the scenes.  So, I put my big girl pants on (literally, so I could add layers) and headed out. What made […]


Nine Inch Nails releases FREE HD concert film from the Tension 2013 tour

Found this one at NIN.COM, it will soon be available to purchase in DVD and Blu-ray format. For now however, stream the entire show in full HD free of charge through VEVO on youtube! Enjoy! -VW


Nothing screams Christmas quite like a Slayer themed light display!