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This 11 year old kid would smoke you on the guitar.

Hey, he smokes me too so don’t take out your frus­tra­tions on me! — Viktor  


Atomic Wedgie Madness!

War­ren­ton, OR police said a woman had stolen $13 from Sub­ways tip jar and attempted to use the case to pur­chase her $12.75 meal. The woman was gone by the time police arrived but they soon heard reports of a woman match­ing the suspect’s descrip­tion steal­ing from a Fred Meyer store and caus­ing a disturbance […]


Cooking Hostile

Check out episode two of Cook­ing Hos­tile with Phil Anselmo and friends! Here’s the face­book page so you can catch up on episode #1 too!


Mary gets her groovy on

Bubba Mur­phy of Berke­ley Lake said a neigh­nor  woman mis­took his hol­i­day dis­play, for an actual per­son in dis­tress and called 911.  If you didn’t kow the Muphy fam­ily per­son­ally you may have too.  The dis­play fea­tures a man­nequin sur­rounded by Christ­mas lights dan­gling from his home with a fallen lad­der on the ground below. […]


Piper goes to the zoo

I had an oppor­tu­nity to visit Taut­phaus Park Zoo the other day.  It was zero degrees out­side and nor­mally this time of year the Zoo is closed but I was invited to see behind the scenes.  So, I put my big girl pants on (lit­er­ally, so I could add lay­ers) and headed out. What made […]


Nine Inch Nails releases FREE HD concert film from the Tension 2013 tour

Found this one at NIN.COM, it will soon be avail­able to pur­chase in DVD and Blu-ray for­mat. For now how­ever, stream the entire show in full HD free of charge through VEVO on youtube! Enjoy! –VW


Nothing screams Christmas quite like a Slayer themed light display!


Check out the winter apocalypse going on in Los Angeles for a good laugh...