Caught with his pants around his arms

Indi­ana Cops say they found 24-year-old Bryan Hill passed out behind the wheel of a car that was no_arms_pantsblock­ing traf­fic. He was wear­ing under­wear, one sock, and a pair of pants as a shirt. He had each arm inserted into each leg of his pants. He was arrested for pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion and block­ing traf­fic. On the bright side, he may have started a new fash­ion trend.

The body of a woman whom neigh­bors say they last saw sev­eral years ago was found in an SUV parked in the garage of a fore­closed home north­west of Detroit. An employee of a prop­erty man­age­ment
com­pany stum­bled upon the body in the rear seat of the vehi­cle while doing a walk-through. The body was described by the sheriff’s office as being “in a mum­mi­fied state.” A cause of death has yet to be deter­mined. “She’s been dead years,” says an offi­cial in the ME’s office. The body is believed to be that of the for­mer home­owner who would have been 49 in 2008, when author­i­ties believe she died.

Arkansas man Drake Parks, com­pleted a trans­ac­tion at a bank teller’s win­dow and left with­out inci­dent – but called in a few hours later, pos­ing as his own father and ask­ing to talk to the woman. When she came to the phone, he said that “Drake” had called her the b-word, and deserved to be spanked for his foul mouth. The vic­tim tried to end the call, but Parks went on to offer $50 for the spank­ing, and pro­vided his address – which earned him a visit and a pos­si­ble spank­ing … from cops, who arrested him on charges of harassment.

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