Chainsaw head-chop

A tree-trimmer in Penn­syl­va­nia is mirac­u­lously alive after tak­ing a chain­saw blade to the neck and APTOPIX Chain Saw In Necknearly los­ing his head!  21-year-old James Valen­tine was work­ing when his chain­saw slipped and caught him right in the side of his neck. Lucky for him, the blade got stuck in mus­cle and missed a major artery. Emer­gency respon­ders removed the motor from the saw and trans­ported him to the hos­pi­tal with the blade still lodged in his neck. Doc­tors per­formed emer­gency surgery to remove the blade and Valen­tine is said to be doing well.

Michi­gan woman Colleen Cud­ney is on pro­ba­tion for a 2012 drunk dri­ving con­vic­tion and, as a con­di­tion of her pro­ba­tion, is not allowed to drink alco­hol.  After a night of what she hoped would be kept a secret she was called in to a pro­ba­tion office to take the breath­a­lyzer exam and passed.  But then she went on Face­book to boast about her achieve­ment say­ing, “Buzz killer for me. I had to breath­a­lyze this morn­ing and I drank yes­ter­day, but I passed thank God.” Well, guess who hap­pened to see her sta­tus? That’s right – local law enforce­ment. They called her in for another test, but she failed to show up. Now, she could be fac­ing up to 93 days in jail.

Police in New South Wales, Aus­tralia, stopped a car car­ry­ing 3 pas­sen­gers at a DUI check­point, gave the dri­ver a breath­a­lyzer, and promptly hauled him off to jail on drunk-driving charges. After the arrest, one of the two pas­sen­gers slid into the driver’s seat and drove off, only to get pulled over within min­utes and hauled off to join his buddy in jail on DUI charges of his own. After that arrest, the remain­ing pas­sen­ger got behind the wheel, drove off, and, yes, got stopped and charged with DUI, too!!  All three arrests took place within 20 min­utes and all three men might be car-pooling again soon for their April 16 court appearances.

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