Inmates at a prison in England are dissatisfied with the food they’re given, so they’ve turned to snacking chocoroachon cockroaches.  The prison is notorious for being infested with the crunchy pests, and after watching episodes of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here, some inmates decided to taste some. They liked it, and now others have acquired a taste for the bugs too. In fact, the inmates have been swapping roach recipes. Inmate Neil Harrison-Scott says he catches them in empty potato chip bags and then cooks them up. His favorite way to eat them is to make kebobs and dip them in melted chocolate.


James Mahoney dialed 911 several times, telling the dispatcher that he was “messed up,” but asking if someone could help speed up his tax refund check he was expecting. After dodging several calls, the call center sent a deputy out to Mahoney’s home – where they found him, still on the phone with a dispatcher. Mahoney was charged with making a false 911 call, a misdemeanor, to which he pleaded no contest. 

Steven Steele allegedly entered a 7-11 while holding a running chainsaw. The store’s two attendants fled into a back room and police say Steele used the chainsaw to damage a window and several display racks. Then he exposed his buttocks to the employees and left the store after taking a bottle of soda. A police
officer responding to the scene spotted Steele walking down the
street and he was placed under arrest. We’re guessing it was his drunken stagger and the flower pot he had on his head to conceal his identity.  The chainsaw was found in a bush near the service station. 

Unknown source