Come on out of the closet, Andrew

A Ten­nessee teenager ended up in police cus­tody after he had trou­ble com­ing out of the closet. man in closetHome­owner Tonya Palmer opened her closet to try to put away some clothes and shoes that had been lying on the floor. She said that she noticed some­thing strange on the floor, and bent down to check – only to find the pile was warm … and mov­ing. Andrew Davi­son was out cold. Palmer went to wake up her hus­band, who held the 18-year-old at gun­point while she called 911 to sum­mon help. Davi­son told cops that he’d downed a fifth of vodka and had no idea where he was. He was booked on charges of crim­i­nal tres­pass and under­age intoxication.

Lien Nguyen [pr: Lee-enn NUH-win] was on duty Sun­day night at a con­ve­nience store when a woman walked in and pulled a gun, demand­ing all the cash in the reg­is­ter and threat­en­ing to kill the 70-year-old clerk if she didn’t com­ply. She even hit Nuh­win with the butt of the gun! Instead of open­ing the reg­is­ter, Nguyen opened a cooler and threw a case of beer at the rob­ber, then fol­lowed that with a sec­ond hurled case – at which point the intruder turned tail and ran. Nguyen admit­ted, “I think I got lucky.”

You can lead a horse to beer but you can’t make him steal a six-pack. A drunk woman in Alabama is in the slam­mer. Police say Chris­tine Saun­ders got drunk, stole a horse and gal­loped over to a con­ve­nience store where she snatched up a six-pack of Key­stone Light and tried to ride away. Cops quickly caught up to her. Appar­ently it wasn’t hard to find a woman on a horse with beer cans slung over the sad­dle. The horse was returned to its owner, who actu­ally chose not to press charges. How­ever, Saun­ders is fac­ing charges of pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion, attempted bur­glary and more.

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