Come on out of the closet, Andrew

A Tennessee teenager ended up in police custody after he had trouble coming out of the closet. man in closetHomeowner Tonya Palmer opened her closet to try to put away some clothes and shoes that had been lying on the floor. She said that she noticed something strange on the floor, and bent down to check – only to find the pile was warm … and moving. Andrew Davison was out cold. Palmer went to wake up her husband, who held the 18-year-old at gunpoint while she called 911 to summon help. Davison told cops that he’d downed a fifth of vodka and had no idea where he was. He was booked on charges of criminal trespass and underage intoxication.

Lien Nguyen [pr: Lee-enn NUH-win] was on duty Sunday night at a convenience store when a woman walked in and pulled a gun, demanding all the cash in the register and threatening to kill the 70-year-old clerk if she didn’t comply. She even hit Nuhwin with the butt of the gun! Instead of opening the register, Nguyen opened a cooler and threw a case of beer at the robber, then followed that with a second hurled case – at which point the intruder turned tail and ran. Nguyen admitted, “I think I got lucky.”

You can lead a horse to beer but you can’t make him steal a six-pack. A drunk woman in Alabama is in the slammer. Police say Christine Saunders got drunk, stole a horse and galloped over to a convenience store where she snatched up a six-pack of Keystone Light and tried to ride away. Cops quickly caught up to her. Apparently it wasn’t hard to find a woman on a horse with beer cans slung over the saddle. The horse was returned to its owner, who actually chose not to press charges. However, Saunders is facing charges of public intoxication, attempted burglary and more.

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