Cone head

Times Square is a huge tourist trap in New York City – which makes it a great place for pan­han­dlers to score cash. Two some­what famous pan­han­dlers are Justin Long holds a sign that says, “I need money for weed” and Wayne Seman­cik holds a sign that reads, “I need beer.” You’d think there’d be enough busi­ness for both of them in such a bustling part of town. But, no. They clashed, with “Weed Guy” repeat­edly stab­bing “Beer Guy” in the face with a pen. Tak­ing the scene to a whole new level of insan­ity was the fact that the police ended up inter­view­ing two eye­wit­nesses – who were dressed as Alien and Predator.

Cops responded to a bur­glar alarm at a local mid­dle school and found the man, whose name was not released, kneel­ing on the ground, naked and cov­ered in blood. He told them that he’d taken some psy­che­delic mush­rooms ear­lier that day and couldn’t recall what had hap­pened after. OH, he’ll remem­ber soon enough because he cut his willy off!  An offi­cer who responded to the scene said, “He really wasn’t say­ing much at all – a lot of yelling and screaming.”

cone headA man put a traf­fic cone on his head while jok­ing with pals, but it slipped down a lit­tle too far and he got lodged inside – head, shoul­ders and all! A wit­ness who’d been eat­ing at a local fast food joint said, “I had seen him walk­ing with it on top of his head five min­utes ear­lier, but now it was pulled right down. No one was help­ing him because they thought he was just mess­ing around.” Police showed up on the scene and freed him to a round of applause, two hours later.

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