Cotton scented mouth

eating deodorantA New York woman has come clean with her embarrassing little secret – that she eats up to 15 sticks of deodorant each and every month. The woman, identified only as “Nicole,” says she first picked up the habit as a child, and carries a stick everywhere in case the craving strikes her. She admits that she is often left with a dry mouth and stomach cramps from eating the deodorant, so she sometimes sprays an aerosol antiperspirant on her tongue instead. She’s been warned that there’s a danger in ingesting aluminum, a main ingredient of deodorant, because it can cause dementia, seizures and death if ingested, but she says, “I just need it and without I’d be a totally different person.”

A New York woman told police she was robbed of her cellphone around 3 a.m. Shortly thereafter, the woman said she noticed a photo on her Facebook page of the suspect, smoking marijuana. The victim told police her phone and Facebook are linked so photos automatically upload. Police have not arrested the suspect but are using the photo to help identify him, the New York Post reported.

Denver police are on the hunt for a man accused of flashing area women while wearing a thong. The so-called “Thong Bandit” doesn’t actually steal anything, but strips down to his thong in front of strangers.Though the suspect supposedly started off wearing a pink thong, he has reportedly switched to a darker hue. Police have released a sketch of the subject, described as a white or Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s, though District 1 Commander Paul Pazen told 9 News
it was hard to assemble an accurate picture of his characteristics.  That’s because no one was looking at anything except that thing!

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