Creamed by cheese

A 22-year-old British woman says she suffers from such a severe phobia that she can’t walk into a scary cheesesupermarket without having a panic attack. The cause?  Cheese!  Melissa North says she developed her cheese phobia as a young child when a friend gave her cheese on toast. Since then, she bursts into tears and cold sweats whenever she sees it. She says, “It just looks awful – so gooey and disgusting. It makes me feel sick.”  The height of her cheese phobia came when she was 15. She says the kids at school knew about it and teased her by throwing cream cheese at her. North says her friends and family still mock her phobia, but she insists it’s a serious problem.

Jennifer Scollin hadn’t been feeling well and chalked it up to a stomach bug that was going around. But when the Connecticut woman woke up Saturday morning with bad stomach pains, she called her boyfriend to come home and minutes after he did they called 911, and she ended up delivering their second child in an ambulance parked in her driveway!  She says she had no idea and was thoroughly surprised!  9-pound, 3-ounce Cole Michael Thomas Dillman is doing fine.

Someone called Florida cops to report that someone was driving slowly and erratically down a main street in Daytona Beach. By the time cops arrived on the scene, he’d slowed to a dead stop at a traffic light. They watched as his car remained motionless through several red light cycles, then approached the vehicle, but couldn’t rouse Daniel Hernandez – who was fast asleep with his foot on the brake and a half-eaten Taco Bell burrito in his hand!  Deputies rapped on the window for several minutes before deciding to break the glass and try to wake the snoring man, a chore that took several minutes more. When he finally woke up, Hernandez registered double the legal limit on a breathalyzer and was charged with DUI.

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