Crime sux.

You’ll often hear women com­plain­ing that their high heels are killing them but Ana Tru­jillo took that say­ing to a whole new level!  She was arrested and charged with mur­der this week­end after police found her boyfriend, Alf Ste­fan Ander­s­son, dead from mul­ti­ple stab wounds to his head clearly made by a stiletto heel!  The 59-year-old Ander­s­son worked as a research pro­fes­sor at the Uni­ver­sity of Hous­ton Cen­ter for Nuclear Recep­tors and Cell Sig­nal­ing. Guess they had their sig­nals crossed. Tru­jillo is due in court Tues­day morning.

A Ger­man man was so against giv­ing alimony money to his ex wife … that he gave it to a stranger instead. Police say the man had been argu­ing with his ex about money and was so fed up that he sim­ply handed $245 to a school­boy stand­ing out­side the bank. The boy was with a friend when the man walked up and handed him the wad of cash, say­ing, “You can keep that money.” The boy then went to police, think­ing the money was coun­ter­feit. Police said there was no evi­dence of any crime – and the boy is 245 bucks richer.

shop vacAn emer­gency crew was dis­patched to an uniden­ti­fied man’s apart­ment com­plex when another res­i­dent called and reported see­ing his neigh­bor on fire and run­ning out of the house. An inves­ti­ga­tion showed that the man was siphon­ing the gaso­line from a car with a shop-vac – inside a garage with the door closed.  A fire ignited due to gaso­line fumes accu­mu­lat­ing inside the struc­ture. The man remains hos­pi­tal­ized for burns, while the garage sus­tained about $20,000 in dam­age.  See, kids.  Crime does suck.

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