Crime sux.

You’ll often hear women complaining that their high heels are killing them but Ana Trujillo took that saying to a whole new level!  She was arrested and charged with murder this weekend after police found her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson, dead from multiple stab wounds to his head clearly made by a stiletto heel!  The 59-year-old Andersson worked as a research professor at the University of Houston Center for Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling. Guess they had their signals crossed. Trujillo is due in court Tuesday morning.

A German man was so against giving alimony money to his ex wife … that he gave it to a stranger instead. Police say the man had been arguing with his ex about money and was so fed up that he simply handed $245 to a schoolboy standing outside the bank. The boy was with a friend when the man walked up and handed him the wad of cash, saying, “You can keep that money.” The boy then went to police, thinking the money was counterfeit. Police said there was no evidence of any crime – and the boy is 245 bucks richer.

shop vacAn emergency crew was dispatched to an unidentified man’s apartment complex when another resident called and reported seeing his neighbor on fire and running out of the house. An investigation showed that the man was siphoning the gasoline from a car with a shop-vac – inside a garage with the door closed.  A fire ignited due to gasoline fumes accumulating inside the structure. The man remains hospitalized for burns, while the garage sustained about $20,000 in damage.  See, kids.  Crime does suck.

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