Thursday 12/22

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Geek to the res­cue - A bur­glar made a huge mis­take yes­ter­day when he decided to break into the­Man­hat­tana­part­ment of a com­puter geek. Lev­ent Cetiner was six blocks from his home when he received an email show­ing a thief loot­ing his stuff.  Cetiner called 911 and raced home where he banged on the door and yelled, “You’re being recorded, and the police are on the way!” The cops arrived, and Cetiner showed them the footage while the bur­glar was still inside. Even­tu­ally the ban­dit fled by fire escape and was nabbed in a nearby court­yard by police.

Mis­taken Iden­tity - Linda Gip­son said she loaded about $700 worth of gifts into the trunk of a vehi­cle she believed to be her daughter’s 2003 sil­ver Ford Focus sedan while shop­ping with her fam­ily and went back inside to con­tinue shop­ping. How­ever, after leav­ing the mall with her fam­ily she dis­cov­ered she had placed the items into a car that resem­bled her daughter’s but the empty trunk when they arrived home showed that it obvi­ously, was not.  Gip­son said. “I’m just wait­ing here hop­ing that per­son is going to turn every­thing back.” Ford offi­cials said they were unaware of any other instances of some­one being able to open a vehi­cle lock with the key to a dif­fer­ent car.

“Hello?  Yes, I’m an ass” -A pair of bur­glars in Wis­con­sin made it easy for cops to build a case against them when one of them acci­den­tally “butt-dialed” 911 and broad­cast their entire crim­i­nal scheme to author­i­ties.  Jason Hami­elec and Brian John­son had just shoplifted a slew of video games and DVDs from a Tar­get store and planned to sell them at a shop down the road — a plot they dis­cussed in detail en route. The two even talked about how police would be look­ing for a blue Dodge­Du­ran­gowith­out license plates, so they decided to put the plates back on.  Accord­ing to cops, the pair seemed baf­fled to see a police escort wait­ing when they arrived to make their sale.

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