Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!


A Geor­gia man who is accused of imper­son­at­ing a police offi­cer in
order to get free con­ti­nen­tal break­fast from a Dun­woody hotel has
been arrested. Roche Har­ris was charged with imper­son­ation of a
police offi­cer, sim­ple bat­tery, theft by tak­ing, and loi­ter­ing and
prowl­ing. In Decem­ber, Har­ris went to the Stay­bridge Hotel and
attempted to eat the con­ti­nen­tal break­fast even though he was not
a guest at the estab­lish­ment. When he was con­fronted by staff,
Har­ris allegedly threw hot water in a manager’s face. Last month,
Har­ris returned to the hotel and dis­played a badge in an attempt to
pass him­self off as a law enforce­ment offi­cer in order to get free
food. Accord­ing to Offi­cer Tim Fecht, Har­ris returned to the hotel on
Sun­day and began tak­ing food again. Employ­ees called 911 after
rec­og­niz­ing the 36-year-old and Har­ris was taken into custody.

A 60-year-old Florida woman was arrested and charged with
mis­de­meanor breach of the peace and resist­ing arrest with­out
vio­lence after hav­ing an episode at the AT&T store in the Trea­sure
Coast Square mall in Jensen Beach because she was unable to make
changes to her son’s cell phone plan. Accord­ing to the Mar­tin
County Sheriff’s Office, Denise Gille­spie began shout­ing at store
employ­ees on March 1 because she “was upset she could not make
changes to her son’s plan due to the fact she was not on his plan.“
A deputy was called to the store and Gille­spie was asked to leave.
The deputy also told Gille­spie to “call cor­po­rate if she had a
com­plaint.” “I don’t give a [exple­tive],” Gille­spie report­edly
responded prior to leav­ing. An hour later, the deputy returned to
the area of the store and wit­nessed Gille­spie yelling and scream­ing
once again. After being asked to leave again, Gille­spie said, “I don’t
give a [exple­tive] what you say.” She then shouted obscen­i­ties and
charged at the store and the employ­ees inside. After Gille­spie
ended her out­burst by throw­ing a phone charger into the store, she
was arrested.

A British man has pleaded guilty to assault­ing his wife after he
appar­ently locked her in a shed for chant­ing “Ding dong, the witch
is dead” about his dead mother. When she escaped from the shed,
Andrew Salmon, 42, punched his wife and twisted her breasts.
When Salmon’s wife arrived home on Feb. 6, he told her: “It’s my
house now. You are not get­ting in.” He then pro­ceeded to lock her
in the shed. “When she came back that morn­ing her clothes were
out­side the house,” Salmon said. “I decided to lock her in the shed
as I knew it would really annoy her and that she would be able to
get out of a side door.” After she escaped, the rest of the phys­i­cal
assault occurred. The inci­dent had appar­ently been brew­ing since
Salmon’s mother died at the end of Decem­ber. “She never really got
on with my mum or any of my rel­a­tives and when my mum died she
was hor­ri­ble and offered me no sup­port — she was extremely
unsym­pa­thetic,” Salmon said. “She would sing ‘ding dong the witch
is dead’ from time to time and didn’t even come to her funeral. It
was a really dif­fi­cult time for me and my fam­ily.” Salmon will be
sen­tenced next month.

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