Disney World can make you crazy

powdered donut faceA Florida woman was trying to get to the happiest place on earth when she was arrested last week after dancing around and beating her car with a bungee cord — while muttering incoherently about Disney World. Deputies spotted Elizabeth Quintana after she ran out of gas on a highway, blocking one lane while causing a scene — with a mysterious white powder caked on her face. She’d also been threatening students from a nearby school with a handful of rocks. When the officers ran the plates, they found that the car had been reported stolen a day earlier. They arrested Quintana, but released a man in the passenger seat after he told them he didn’t know her and had only been picked up while hitchhiking.

19-year-old British man, Chris McKernan, said his case of the hiccups started Nov. 20 and he has since been hiccuping an average 25 times per minute for a total of more than 1.4 million hiccups!  McKernan said folk cures such as breathing into a bag, sucking on a lemon and standing on his head have failed to stop the hiccups, and doctors were left baffled when acid relieving medications failed to stop the ailment. “Everyone gets annoyed or laughs at me [when I can’t stop hiccuping],” McKernan said.  The world record was set by Charles Osborne of the United States, whose case of the hiccups lasted from 1922 until 1990 and totaled an estimated 430 million hiccups.

A Missouri woman found out that the times really are a-changin’ when she tried to diaper her baby on a changing table in a mall restroom — only to have a pair of teenagers interrupt her by hopping on to do the nasty instead.  Jessica Barbier says that she placed her infant son on the pull-down table to get him cleaned up when the kids came in to get a little bit dirty — and when she went to complain to mall security, she was told it happens all the time. Barbier says, “It wasn’t like we walked in on them doing it. We were already in there and they walked into the room. I don’t want my kids around that.”


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