Do video games lead to crime? Well....yes!

A Tennessee man decided to test the customer service at his local Game Stop store.  The man phoned Cal of dutythe shop to ask them to set aside copies of NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Ghosts and a brand new X-Box, which the clerk did.  The suspect came to the Game Stop to pick up the merchandise and paid for it with a gun! Besides the reserved items, the guy also walked off with $600 from the cash register!

A shocking story out of a Chicago suburb: Prosecutors say a 14-year-old girl set her alarm for 7:50am Tuesday, woke up, and went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a 4-inch long knife, went back upstairs, and stabbed her sleeping 11-year-old half-sister to death—more than 30 times in the neck, chest, and hands, NBC News and the Chicago Sun Times report!   Her motive?  She thought her younger sister was ungrateful for her housework!   Then, they allege the 14-year-old showered and then called 911, telling police a Hispanic male intruder had entered the home the girls shared with their mother—who wasn’t home at the time—and did the deed.  That led to the lockdown of three nearby schools before the girl’s story unraveled. The girl now faces first-degree murder charges in juvenile court; a decision on whether to move the case to adult court will be made in a few weeks.

A Florida man who got mad at another driver in a road rage incident became the bigger loser.  Police say Richard Coles and another driver were threatening each other on the road when the other driver flashed his gun.  Coles decided to show off his own weapon when it accidentally fired, striking him in his leg. Police are trying to investigate the incident, but Coles doesn’t want to prosecute or talk to the police. He’s clearly embarrassed and wants to put it behind him.

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