(Don't) Eat Your Greens

A Florida woman found out that eating your greens isn’t always good for you.  The deputy who detained green tongueCristina Ann Jackson says he noticed a strong smell of weed on her breath, and when he began questioning her, it appeared that her tongue was green. After a few minutes, she admitted that she’d tried to eat the joint she’d been smoking behind the wheel then turned over a small amount of dope she was carrying in her purse. Jackson will have to return to court on April 8th – at which point her clean record will officially go to pot.

German cops are on the hunt for two mediums who are at large after hypnotizing a woman and convincing her to hand over all her jewelry. Sarah Alexeyeva says that the psychic pair approached her outside a supermarket and promised they would foretell her future – without mentioning that it included them ripping her off.  The 66-year-old told police that the two women lulled her into a trance, but instead of getting her palm read, she had her hands stripped – of the rings, bracelets and watch she was wearing! 

Ian Oliver dabbed himself with a bit of his brand-new bottle of aftershave before heading next door for dinner. Apparently, their cat flipped out over his smell and Oliver ending up in the emergency room with stitches!  The game of cat and mouse didn’t leave Oliver with any hard feelings. He says, “I don’t have any animosity towards the cat I just think it had a really bad reaction to the aftershave. I thought it was a nice smell – but obviously the cat didn’t agree.”


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