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South Korean pop star Psy’s “Gang­nam Style” pro­vided the sound­track for a fatal wed­ding shoot­ing in Yemen that occurred when a guest appar­ently lost con­trol of his AK-47.  While guests were danc­ing to the hit song, a man hit the dance floor with his assault rife and joined in the danc­ing. As the song reached its cho­rus, the man began spray­ing bul­lets in an attempt to be cel­e­bra­tory as peo­ple all around him fell to the ground, injured or dead! It is ille­gal in many parts of Yemen to carry weapons dur­ing wed­dings, but gun­fire dur­ing cel­e­bra­tions in the county is report­edly quite com­mon. It is unclear if the gun­man was arrested after the incident.

A waiter at a Cana­dian restau­rant was hauled off by police after he encour­aged two cus­tomers to try his sausage.  Ronan Lev­shtein approached the two women as they were perus­ing the menu and calmly whipped out what he con­sid­ered to be the spe­cial of the day. The women obvi­ously did not agree and called cops, who came to the eatery and arrested Lev­shtein on charges of pub­lic indecency.

burglar stuck in windowA British bur­glar saw his planned heist go down the toi­let after he tried to bust into a home through the bath­room win­dow. He tried to shimmy in through the win­dow but only man­aged to get in halfway before dis­cov­er­ing he couldn’t move in either direc­tion! He dan­gled there for more than an hour until the home­owner got up to go to the bath­room and dis­cov­ered him. Cops arrived on the scene and freed the man – before tak­ing that free­dom away with a trip to the local jail.

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