Don't leave me hanging!

South Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” provided the soundtrack for a fatal wedding shooting in Yemen that occurred when a guest apparently lost control of his AK-47.  While guests were dancing to the hit song, a man hit the dance floor with his assault rife and joined in the dancing. As the song reached its chorus, the man began spraying bullets in an attempt to be celebratory as people all around him fell to the ground, injured or dead! It is illegal in many parts of Yemen to carry weapons during weddings, but gunfire during celebrations in the county is reportedly quite common. It is unclear if the gunman was arrested after the incident.

A waiter at a Canadian restaurant was hauled off by police after he encouraged two customers to try his sausage.  Ronan Levshtein approached the two women as they were perusing the menu and calmly whipped out what he considered to be the special of the day. The women obviously did not agree and called cops, who came to the eatery and arrested Levshtein on charges of public indecency.

burglar stuck in windowA British burglar saw his planned heist go down the toilet after he tried to bust into a home through the bathroom window. He tried to shimmy in through the window but only managed to get in halfway before discovering he couldn’t move in either direction! He dangled there for more than an hour until the homeowner got up to go to the bathroom and discovered him. Cops arrived on the scene and freed the man – before taking that freedom away with a trip to the local jail.

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