Drunk bobcat

Naked guy steals bobcatDrunks make for awful dri­vers and worse thieves. Joseph Michael Hall, a 19-year-old Ten­nessee man, was arrested and charged with felony theft and a short list of mis­de­meanors after he allegedly got drunk and stole a Bob­cat front-loading util­ity vehi­cle from a Knoxville-area nurs­ery. Hall allegedly smashed the vehi­cle through a chain link fence at the nurs­ery and tried to drive it home. But accord­ing to an arrest war­rant it was all a case of crim­i­nal cover-up. “Mr. Hall stated that he was drunk and that he was try­ing to hide his nudity.”

Police in Penn­syl­va­nia said a 12-year-old boy is accused of using a BB gun to hold up a lemon­ade stand oper­ated by a 10-year-old boy!  The older boy allegedly threat­ened to shoot the other boy if he didn’t hand over the cash. They even got into a wrestling match over the money box. The older boy tore apart the stand and made off with $30. Three other chil­dren wit­nessed the inci­dent and led offi­cers to the suspect’s home. Police said the boy will be charged in juve­nile court.

 A man in the Florida Keys called 911 to say that his girl­friend was being kid­napped by two men in a U-haul truck, but when police arrived, it turned out his “now ex-girlfriend” was just try­ing to move out! Accord­ing to deputies, Corp emerged from the apart­ment intox­i­cated and began yelling at offi­cers, say­ing he called in the kid­nap­ping to make his girl­friend stay in the apart­ment. He was arrested and charged with mis­use of 911 and resist­ing arrest.

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