Drunk in the Christmas aisle

A Florida man found out that being hard-headed is actually a pretty good thing. Walter Santiago had just picked up his granddaughter from middle school and was headed home, when he felt something smack him in the temple and noticed a little trickle of blood – and a bullet sitting next to him in the driver’s seat! While he did need six stitches on the side of the head, Santiago was not seriously injured, just a little bit ticked off. He said he saw the incident as, “Just someone being stupid. If you want to kill someone, get a lot closer.”

MotorCartA Cleveland-area man had a bit too much holiday cheer before heading out to do his Christmas shopping and ended up getting pulled over for driving drunk.  Earlie Watson was spotted drinking beer in the lobby of the Wal-Mart store before climbing onto one of its motorized shopping vehicles for a trek through the aisles. He made a pit stop at the men’s room, then placed a 12-pack of brewskis in the cart’s basket, at which point cops showed up to question him. Watson said he was on his way to a nearby suburb and knew that he was in a Wal-Mart, but wasn’t sure exactly what town he was in at the moment. He was held until he sobered up and released with a citation.

The Florida Collier County Sheriff’s Office said Ryan Keegan allegedly burglarized at least seven cars in Naples, Fla.  He also left a few things behind like his wallet, an iPod and T-shirts.  Even if he adamantly denied that he didn’t do the dirty deeds, deputies said one homeowner had surveillance video of Keegan walking around shirtless before breaking into a car. Investigators said Keegan was highly intoxicated at the time of the incident and does not seem to remember much about his actions.

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