Facebook = faceplant in the ocean

Tevin Mon­roe approached the man­ager at a McDonald’s branch in Vir­ginia and asked if he could apply for a job there, only to be told that the paper­work was all avail­able online. The 31-year-old decided to try another kind of point-and-click instead, and lifted the front of his sweat­shirt to reveal that he was pack­ing a hand­gun. Monroe’s quick think­ing – and quick draw – impressed the man­ager, who handed over a printed appli­ca­tion.  Then called cops, who arrived on the scene as the gun­man was still fill­ing it out. He was arrested on charges of bran­dish­ing a firearm, car­ry­ing a con­cealed weapon and dis­or­derly conduct.

Police were called to Har­lan Abramowitz’s home to inves­ti­gate a domes­tic dis­pute, and when he spot­ted them talk­ing to his wife, he slammed the front door shut and began toss­ing poop-filled dia­pers in their direc­tion. When the offi­cers attempted to enter the house, Abramowitz posi­tioned his two-year-old and four-month-old in front of the door and chal­lenged them to “take your gun belts off and see how tough you are.” The stand­off ended after a few hours and Abramowitz was taken into cus­tody for endan­ger­ing the wel­fare of a child, as well as obstruct­ing gov­ern­men­tal admin­is­tra­tion and dis­or­derly conduct.

pier2014 could be the year of leg­is­la­tion lim­it­ing walk­ing and tex­ting –espe­cially if peo­ple keep doing stu­pid things! Case in point: A young Tai­wanese tourist walked right off a pier in Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia, because she was too busy check­ing Face­book instead of watch­ing where she was going. Luck­ily, some­body wit­nessed the fall and called police, who plucked her out of the water around 100 feet from the pier. The woman couldn’t even swim. It was her back­pack that helped keep her afloat until police arrived.

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