Fat Fold Flummux

A South Carolina cop had a gut feeling that he should perform a full body search on an obese man he’d pulled over at a traffic stop – and fat foldswhen he did, he found a huge stash of drugs stuffed into the guy’s belly-button. The deputy spotted a large quantity of heroin and a pile of cash inside Randall Streeter’s car, so he pulled the 315-pound suspect aside for further questioning, which revealed 40 bags of heroin and a quantity of both crack cocaine and painkillers hidden in his navel and rolls of belly fat. Cops determined that Streeter had been running a drug ring out of a nearby motel and charged him with numerous trafficking heroin charges, resulting in him being held on $1 million bond.


Not since Clark Griswold loaded Aunt Edna’s body on the roof the family truckster and drove her to Phoenix have we seen anything like this. A 62-year-old man drove from Arizona to Michigan with his dead 31-year-old girlfriend in the passenger seat wearing sunglasses and holding a stuffed animal! Police say Ray Tomlinson drove from Michigan to a mental facility in Arizona to pick up the woman, with whom he had some sort of relationship, and drive her back to Michigan. But shortly after picking her up, she apparently ingested oxycodone pills and died. Cops say Tomlinson didn’t realize she was dead until he got to Oklahoma. Not knowing what to do, he went on the Internet and somehow concluded that he had 48 hours to bring the woman’s body to a medical examiner in Michigan, so he finished the drive. Oh, not to be lost in this story is the fact that during this whole adventure, Tomlinson’s 92-year-old mother was sitting in the back of the van incredibly uncomfortable because her son refused to stop to let her use the bathroom. He has not been charged with a crime and the case is under investigation.


A zoo employee who put on a gorilla suit to teach co-workers about what would happen if an animal escaped, showed exactly what would happen by getting shot with a tranquilizer gun. Apparently it was a really good costume because a vet at the zoo in the Canary Islands thought he was a real gorilla and shot him with a tranquilizer dart! Packed into the dart was a sedative powerful enough to take down a 400-pound gorilla. The guy was transported to a hospital and is in stable condition.

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