Foo Fighters Drummer Says Side Project Is "Self Indulgent" but Fun

Shanabelle RecordsBirds of Satan is a band that is "100% [self-indulgent] in every way, shape and form!"

This was admitted gleefully by Taylor Hawkins, Birds of Satans' leader. Hawkins -- who's moonlight from his day job as Foo Fighters' drummer -- revealed this and a few other fun facts about his side project in an interview with British music website Drowned in Sound

Hawkins said, "It’s really just [us] going bananas, having fun with my friends and seeing how hard and silly it can be. There’s times when Mick [Murphy], the guitar player, would do a guitar solo and I’d be like, 'Well that’s just ridiculous, I would never have asked you to... I would never have let you do that. But it’s kinda awesome too because it’s so ridiculous so, f*** it, let’s just keep it.'”

Seems Hawkins and his band mates -- Murphy and Wiley Hodgden, with guest appearances by Dave Grohl, Foo Fighter Pat Smear and touring Foos members Rami Jaffee and Drew Hester -- view the band as pure fun and a way to blow off creative steam, but they plan to continue the effort beyond the first, self-titled album, which was released last week.

"We're gonna try to put together a little tour," Hodgden said. "We're gonna play a record release party...and then we're gonna play Jimmy Kimmel in May and try to [get a little tour together when Foo Fighters get breaks]. And then hopefully we'll just go into the studio for a week, make another album, and then tour the s*** out if it!"

The Birds of Satan's entire first album is streaming online at

Here is the track listing: 

"The Ballad of the Birds of Satan"
"Thanks for the Line"
"Pieces of the Puzzle"
"Nothing at All"
"Wait Til Tomorrow"
"Too Far Gone to See"

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