Fill that cat with dog blood, stat!


Who says dogs and cats can’t be friends? When her cat ingested rat poison last Friday night, a New Zealand woman rushed the feline to the vet. But the blood laboratory was closed, so the cat’s blood type couldn’t be determined, and the animal needed an immediate transfusion. “He was dying,” the owner tells 3news. “We didn’t have time for the cat blood to arrive.” So the veterinarian called a friend, who agreed her dog would serve as blood donor. Rory received blood from black Labrador Macy, and managed to make it through with no apparent side effects. Cats don’t reject dog blood because they don’t have antibodies that do so, meaning a cross-species transfusion could buy a feline enough time to regenerate its own blood cells, 3news explains.

A Wisconsin woman was exposing her breasts as she drove a motorcycle with no hands on a Wisconsin highway last week. Authorities who were chasing the woman on Interstate 43 claim she was driving erratically and constantly changing speeds, going as slow 15 mph on the 60 mph highway. The chase continued until the woman lost control of the motorcycle and crashed. When police approached she was reportedly incoherently talking about religion. The woman was taken to a hospital in spite of her claims that she she wasn’t injured. She was reportedly wearing a patch used for severe pain and had taken Oxycontin.

A stoned intruder managed to get aboard Germany’s equivalent of Air Force One, and security officials can take only two positives from the mess: The jet was empty at the time, and the guy apparently had no interest in getting the fully fueled plane into the air. Instead, he staged an epic one-man bash aboard the Airbus used by Angela Merkel, reports Der Spiegel. The intruder, identified as a bodybuilder named Volkan T, “stripped down to his underpants, sprayed fire extinguisher foam around the elegant cream and beige interior, pushed buttons in the cockpit, released an inflatable emergency slide and danced on the wing of the Airbus 319. “Volkan got onto the parked plane by climbing up on a wing and then through an emergency exit, authorities say. After he finally tripped an alarm, the army went on its highest stage of alert and surrounded the jet. But it still took four hours to arrest the intruder, who was armed with marijuana and ecstasy pills and refused entreaties to leave. Finally, authorities rolled up steps and sent in a police dog, who bit Volkan on the leg and brought the party to an end. The plane will be out of commission for several weeks with an estimated $133,000 in damage.

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