Firing by chocolate

KitKatIowa man Robert McKevitt says that he fed a dollar into a vending machine for a Kit-Kat bar, but had the sweet treat get stuck at the edge of the row. His craving was strong enough that he slid in another greenback to try to nudge the candy forward – a maneuver that also failed. McKevitt’s mood then turned sour, leading him to drive his forklift up to the machine and lift it, slamming it to the ground several times, ultimately dislodging three Kit-Kats – and dislodging him from his paycheck, a problem compounded by the fact that he’s been denied unemployment benefits because of the nature of his firing.

Texas Officers were called to investigate a report that Paul Dewalt Jr. had threatened his girlfriend with a box cutter. When they arrived at the scene they attempted to take him into custody only to have him agree, as long as he could bring along his crack pipe. A deputy tried to seize the device, at which point Dewalt got violent and tried to break it, earning him a resisting arrest charge in addition to the assault and possession bids.

A drunken Englishman was on his way home and somehow found himself walking along a roof of a local pet store.  He wasn’t paying much attention and stepped on a skylight which gave way.  The man tumbled through the roof and crashed into a large fish tank!  I’m not sure how he managed to escape but cops found him wandering the streets soaking wet and most likely extremely embarrassed.

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