Fishy foulup

big-mouth-billy-bassAppar­ently it’s over when the mounted fish sings … accord­ing to author­i­ties in Rochester, Min­nesota, a Big Mouth Billy Bass fish pre­vented the rob­bery of a tackle shop. The singing fish, which was mounted on the wall near the front door of the Hooked on Fish­ing tackle shop, would start singing “Take Me to the River” by Al Green every time a cus­tomer entered the store. The Olm­sted County Sheriff’s Office believes that late Sun­day night, in the course of break­ing the door to gain entry (and doing $700 worth of dam­age in the process), the would-be bur­glar acti­vated the fish and was most likely scared off. The intruder left with­out tak­ing a thing.

Offi­cers showed up at a wild party at Pi Kappa Phi about 3:20 a.m. While the offi­cers were shut­ting down the party, Noah McCall allegedly “uri­nated off the rear stair­case directly onto a uni­formed police offi­cer.”  McCall’s urine allegedly drib­bled on the cop’s head and faceThe offi­cer was taken to a local hos­pi­tal to be treated for “bod­ily fluid expo­sure,” accord­ing to the police report. Shortly after the inci­dent, McCall was taken into cus­tody and charged with third-degree reck­less assault.  He also was charged with pos­ses­sion of a phony Florida driver’s license, The Smok­ing Gun reported.

Just when you thought tak­ing a selfie at a funeral was bad, a teenager in Alabama has done some­thing even worse. A high school senior is fac­ing dis­ci­pli­nary action after she posted a photo of her­self next to a dead body on Insta­gram. The stu­dent was on an anatomy school field trip to the Uni­ver­sity of Alabama at Birmingham’s biol­ogy depart­ment and snapped a smil­ing selfie next to a cadaver. She even­tu­ally removed the photo from Insta­gram but a class­mate took a screen grab of it and noti­fied the school. The Uni­ver­sity is obvi­ously upset, because stu­dents aren’t sup­posed to have cell phones inside the depart­ment, let alone remove a sheet from a cadaver. She is likely to face dis­ci­pli­nary punishment.


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