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They Only Work If You Do

Dietary sup­ple­ments. We hear about them all the time. The “mir­a­cle” diet pill where you mag­i­cally lose tons of weight just by tak­ing one a day. Yeah, sure. Believe it or not, there are a lot of peo­ple that will buy into these “won­der pills” and waste a ton of money. Why? Because they for­get to tell […]


RapidFit Workout

Okay, so I was look­ing for a new work­out and Justin & Chance of Gold’s Gym found me one. Want to burn a ton of calo­ries in a short amount of time. Check this video out and find out how!




Winter Hazard

The snow’s falling and blan­ket­ing every­thing in a lovely layer of sparkling white­ness. Unfor­tu­nately, that every­thing includes my side­walk and dri­ve­way. I’m bet­ting you’re in the same boat, or at least on the same tobog­gan. Before you grab your shovel and head out into the cold, read this arti­cle for tips on how to clear […]


Quieting Your Mind

Life in today’s world is chaotic and really takes a toll on my peace of mind. It can get so busy in my head that I want to just scream and bash myself into a wall. You ever feel like that? What can you do when things get crazy and you can’t find peace? This […]


Other Ways to Get Water

Do you have trou­ble get­ting your rec­om­mended water intake every day? I know I do. Some­times, I just don’t feel like lug­ging a water bot­tle every­where I go. Thank­fully, we can get water from the food we eat, too. This arti­cle gives some great point­ers on foods that can help you get all the water […]