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Age and Sleep

I’ve noticed as I get older, that sleep is harder to come by. It’s not some­thing I’ve obsessed about, but I do find it inter­est­ing. I’ve won­dered why. This arti­cle sheds a lit­tle light on why we might find our­selves sleep­ing less as we grow older.


My Workout

Around April I was look­ing at some pho­tos with my fam­ily from around Easter time when I turned to my daugh­ter and said. “I didn’t know dad was there”. My daugh­ter looked at me with star­tled eyes and said “Dad, that’s you.”


Free Weights Vs Machine

So what exactly is the advan­tage of free weights over machines or vice versa? I had a great con­ver­sa­tion with Gold’s Gym trainer Chance Muntean, and he shed some light on it.


Like a fat kid loves cake

Twice now (this week) my hus­band has come out of his office to find me run­ning out of the kitchen as if run­ning out of the kitchen is nor­mal.  Obvi­ously some­thing is up.  “Honey, what are you doing?”  He walks cau­tiously into the kitchen look­ing around as if I’d boo­bie trapped the cup­boards to bang […]


When In Doubt, Ask A Pro

I’ve been work­ing out off and on for a long time. My brother Ray started me in my teens, and with that being said I still don’t know what the best work­outs are, or what is the best plan to lose weight. I found out long ago, when in doubt ask a pro.



Pancakes and Boobies

I had heard that it was heart­less. Unfor­giv­ing stain­less steel, cold and hard. It would bear down like two vice grips twisted up so tight I would cry.  At least shed a silent tear. For as long as I’ve known about mam­mo­grams I’ve been ter­ri­fied of the con­trap­tion that would take my boob and make it […]