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Yoga 2 feet above the ground? I gotta try this!

You want me to do what?? I thought I had done every exer­cise out there.  Weights, yoga, Pilates, hik­ing, bik­ing, moun­tain climb­ing, med­i­cine balls, danc­ing and every­thing in between.  I was hardly pre­pared for what I would expe­ri­ence at my first Anti Grav­ity Yoga class. Wait…doesn’t Anti Grav­ity tech­ni­cally mean “with­out” grav­ity?  Yes, and obvi­ously here on […]


No weights, no gym, no problem!

I have to admit, when I first heard about being able to work­out at your desk or at work I shrugged my shoul­ders and said, “yeah, what­ever”. Then  I tried it and was sur­prised at the results.


Those who dealt it, felt it.

Did I swal­low a bas­ket­ball? What the hell hap­pened to my shoes and why can’t I but­ton my pants? Gas. Bloaty, smelly, gur­gling gas. No one likes to talk about it but when it happens…everybody knows. Being some­one with gluten, soy, yeast and dairy aller­gies I really have to watch what I put in my body. Lucky […]


More reps, less weight, or more weight, less reps?

I have been hit­ting the gym for some time now and I have found that some peo­ple still debate over the age old gym ques­tion, “more reps, less weight, or more weight, less reps?” It really depends on you but I remem­ber read­ing this arti­cle a while back from “Built Lean”, and found that it hits […]


8 Glasses Of Water A Day? Really? Yes, really.

We’ve heard it all before, either from mom, grandma, or some health guru telling us to drink more water every day. Eight glasses of water a day has always been a sort of guide­line but never really a sci­en­tific fact, but don’t drop that water bot­tle just yet.


Will a dozen eggs a day keep the gas away?

August 28th, 2013  Let me intro­duce myself.  I am a diet addict.  I tend to be a lit­tle on the lazy side with my gym work­outs.  I like to cook if the Hubbs does it for me and cleans up after­ward.  I just kind of scut­tle about the kitchen, mov­ing things from one counter to […]


Can You Touch Your Toes?

Whoops! You dropped your pen­cil. Can you reach it? No? It seems that you need some flex­i­bil­ity train­ing. Your range flex­i­bly decreases as you get older and as stress increases. It’s impor­tant to con­tin­u­ally do flex­i­bil­ity train­ing through­out your life. Health Ben­e­fits of flex­i­bil­ity Train­ing Being flex­i­ble helps your body in many ways. It improves your […]