Getting Started & Goal Setting



5 Steps to Becoming a Runner

Have you ever wished you could be a run­ner? Maybe you wish you could at least get up to the point where the thought of run­ning doesn’t make you wince or inwardly groan with dread? Run­ning is a great way to lose weight and get fit with­out break­ing the bank or tak­ing up large amounts […]


To Run or not to Run

You pull on your sneak­ers, grab your music, and you start to run. You feel great, and then you pass some­one who is also exer­cis­ing, but they are walk­ing. Which one is bet­ter? They both get you mov­ing, but is run­ning really the bet­ter option for you, or should you be walk­ing? Whether you run […]


When In Doubt, Ask A Pro

I’ve been work­ing out off and on for a long time. My brother Ray started me in my teens, and with that being said I still don’t know what the best work­outs are, or what is the best plan to lose weight. I found out long ago, when in doubt ask a pro.



Why Do We Need To Set Goals?

Every­one has some­place they’d like to be in life, but many seem to be lost with no idea how to get there. So many times, they lack goals to help direct them to the things they want the most. Hav­ing goals lays a roadmap out before you, and you can more eas­ily see which steps […]


Reaching Your Running Goals

If you’re think­ing about tak­ing up run­ning, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s a safe bet that you have some goals in mind that you’d like to reach. Achiev­ing a goal is a great way to build con­fi­dence, and it’s also a good way to track your progress. If you’re […]


The Written Word

A Har­vard Uni­ver­sity study report­edly showed that writ­ing down your goals makes you much more likely to accom­plish said goals. The study con­cluded that of Har­vard MBA grad­u­ates, 3% who wrote down their goals earned 10 times as much as the other 97% com­bined. And although this study has been dis­cred­ited as an urban legend, […]


The Goods on Goals

Most folks have some­thing in their life they’d like to improve. Some want to lose weight. Some want to learn a new skill. Oth­ers want to develop their careers or per­sonal lives. The process of achiev­ing these desires often includes the set­ting of goals. Set­ting goals can be a use­less process if not done the right […]