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TV Rots More Than Your Brain

Remember back in the day when you were a kid and your mother shooed you from in front of the TV, claiming wild implausibilities like too much tube would blind you? Well, it turns out Mom may not have been so nutty after all. Study after study has concluded that prolonged TV-watching sessions can lead […]


Forgiveness is Healthy

All of us have been wronged by someone else at some point in our lives. Whether by a friend, family member, or total stranger, each of us have experienced the anger and pain that comes with being betrayed or mistreated. When this happens, it can be easy to develop a grudge against the one who […]


An Eye Care Overview

If you enjoy watching movies, staring up at the stars, or reading, then you probably value your eyesight. Not only is eyesight essential to everyday tasks like driving and most types of employment, it’s also a big part of what helps us to enjoy our world. Therefore, it’s important to take care of your eyes […]


More reps, less weight, or more weight, less reps?

I have been hitting the gym for some time now and I have found that some people still debate over the age old gym question, “more reps, less weight, or more weight, less reps?” It really depends on you but I remember reading this article a while back from “Built Lean”, and found that it hits […]


This is Bananas

When you think of bananas you usually think of bananas splits, shakes, and banana bread. However, these magic fruits are more than just a tasty part of a dessert dish. Bananas are actually full of needed vitamins, fiber, and potassium. What does this do for us? Increases Cardiovascular Health Potassium happens to be an essential […]


About Fish Oil

Over the past couple of decades, fish oil has become a magic bullet that protects the body from all manner of medical conditions. Reports have hailed fish oil as a barrier against everything from heart disease to brain and cognitive issues. Recently, though, other studies have shown fish oil to be of little to no […]


Stomping Low-Self Esteem

Low self-esteem, a complete lack of faith in your own worth and abilities, is a prevalent issue these days. It causes people to turn inward, away from others, dwelling in their own private Hells. People with LSE may not pursue the things they want because they feel they aren’t worthy to have them. They may […]


Maximizing Your Memory

Is your memory fuzzy? Are you having trouble remembering what you went to the store for? It happens to many of us. Age, stress, and depression can wear away at your memory over the years. But you can fight back. There are plenty of suggestions out there that can help you keep your memory sharp. […]