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What’s This Cough and Wheeze?

If you expe­ri­ence breath­ing issues dur­ing exer­cise, it may not be because you’re out of shape. You may be suf­fer­ing from exercise-induced asthma. Exercise-induced asthma is a con­di­tion where the air­ways con­strict and pro­duce excess mucus, mak­ing it hard to breathe and cause cough­ing and other symp­toms. It is trig­gered by phys­i­cal exer­tion. Symp­toms include: […]


Gym-less Fitness

Sure, you want to get in bet­ter shape, but for one rea­son or another, you want to steer clear of the gym. It’s under­stand­able. Gyms can be noisy, crowded, and smelly. Not to men­tion costly. Worry not! You can give your­self a ter­rific work­out with­out hav­ing to set foot in a gym. How? Here are […]


Be Good to your Heart

Heart dis­ease is cur­rently the lead­ing cause of death in Amer­ica for both men and women. That’s right. Not can­cer. Not auto­mo­bile col­li­sions. Not crazy, gun-toting red­necks. Heart dis­ease. Stud­ies say it kills in the neigh­bor­hood of 600,000 peo­ple a year. And the truly sad thing is that it’s pre­ventable to a cer­tain degree. Heart […]


Ironclad Facts

Iron is a min­eral that is essen­tial for the body to func­tion. It helps form hemo­glo­bin and trans­port oxy­gen through the blood stream. If you get too lit­tle iron in your diet, your tis­sues will not receive enough oxy­gen. Iron also helps with immu­nity and liver func­tion. An iron defi­ciency can lead to a drop […]


On Childhood Obesity

Stud­ies sug­gest that 1 in 3 chil­dren and teenagers is either over­weight or obe­sity. Obese kids are at risk for heart dis­ease, dia­betes, and early death later on in life. On top of that, many obese kids suf­fer through low self-esteem, depres­sion, and neg­a­tive body image. Many fac­tors con­tribute to the increased rates of obese children […]


Heart Attack, Stroke, and Aneurysm

Heart attack and stroke are two of the lead­ing causes of death in the U.S. Both con­di­tions arise from the same causes: a seden­tary lifestyle, poor dietary choices, and other fac­tors like smok­ing and stress. While they may be rooted in the same con­di­tions, heart attack and stroke very dif­fer­ent events. Heart Attack A heart […]


Weight Loss Surgery Overview

Weight loss surgery is becom­ing increas­ingly preva­lent as a way for peo­ple to drop unde­sired body mass. While most meth­ods of weight loss surgery are rel­a­tively safe and effec­tive, surgery still isn’t for every­one. It’s rec­om­mended that you seek surgery as an option only if you are mor­bidly obese (with a body mass index of […]


Why Are We So Fat?

Amer­i­cans are true heavy­weights, and no, that’s not a good thing. Stud­ies sug­gest some­where in the neigh­bor­hood of 35% of Amer­i­can adults are over­weight or obese. Esti­mates place child­hood obe­sity lev­els around 15%. Weight-related issues result in health costs of nearly $147 bil­lion per year. And it’s only get­ting worse. How did things get this out […]