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Vitamin Supplements – Yay or Nay?

Over the past few decades, the vitamin supplement industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar marketplace. Claims abound that vitamin supplements can help you fight cancer, put the kibosh on heart disease, and even stop aging. Other studies have shown that there is little evidence that vitamin supplements do anything at all for already-healthy people. […]


Booting the Butts

Smoking is responsible over 440,000 deaths in the U.S. every year. Cigarette smoking affects every organ in the body and can lead to cancer, heart, and lung disease, among others. It’s a nasty, expensive habit, so it makes sense that you might want to quit. If you’re looking to quit smoking, here are a few […]


All About Bowel Movements

We all laugh about it, because, let’s face it, it’s pretty funny. But, evacuating your bowels is an essential part of the digestive process. Bowel movements are the way we pass toxins, undigested food, and other waste out of our bodies. Without this process, we’d have to have another way to excrete waste, and doesn’t […]


The Good Stuff in Your Green Vegetables

Your mother always told you to eat your green vegetables. She promised they’d help you grow up big and strong. If she was anything like my mom, she told you that Spider-Man and Luke Skywalker always ate their green vegetables. There’s a very good reason your mother was such a flag-waving fan of green vegetables: […]


Signs of Rheumatoid Chaos

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is debilitating chronic disease that affects the joints. It can occur in a number of parts of the body, though it primarily afflicts the joints. Symptoms can flare up and then disappear for long periods of time. RA causes inflammation of joints and can make moving very difficult and painful. RA presents […]


5 Big-Time Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is becoming more and more popular as an option for pain treatment. Focusing on manipulation of the spine to correct vertebral subluxations, chiropractors work to correct spinal misalignments, relieving pain in the process. Much of this pain can be traced to subluxations, occurrences where vertebral misalignments put pressure on spinal nerves. Remedying these […]


Jawing About (Finger and Toe) Nails

You may not realize this, but your finger and toenails serve a purpose beyond being cosmetically pleasing. Finger and toenails help us to pick up and manipulate objects and provide support for tissue in the fingers and toes. Often they can reflect the general state of your body’s health. Healthy Nails Healthy nails are pinkish […]


Flossing: It’s a Thing!

Perhaps the most overlooked part of the dental care process, flossing is ignored by millions people who think brushing their teeth is sufficient. In actuality, flossing may be even more important than brushing and here’s why: Flossing helps you clean those hard-to-reach areas. Some estimates say brushing only cleans 20% of tooth surfaces. By getting […]