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Cinnamon: The Extra Spice to Life

Cinnamon is an ancient and versatile spice, and people have used it in all kinds of food. They even ate it back in 2000 B.C! According to some researchers, cassia cinnamon has some health benefits. According to, cinnamon can help with: Muscle spasms Vomiting and diarrhea Infections The common cold Loss of appetite Blood […]


Metabolic Syndrome: The Silent Killer

Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that increase the probability of heart problems, such as stroke or heart disease. It is also known as Syndrome X, insulin-resistant syndrome, obesity syndrome, and the silent killer. Knowing about this particular group of risk factors can help you prevent problems later on in life. Although researchers […]


Saturated Fats: Good or Bad?

Saturated fats are found in multiple places, including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, cheese, milk, and butter. For years, people have been taught that saturated fats are bad because they can raise cholesterol levels, and increase the risk of heart problems. According to the American Heart Association, saturated fats should make up less than 7 percent […]


To Juice or Not To Juice

In the documentary film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, juicing, the act of running fruits and vegetables through a juicing machine and drinking up the results, is presented as a godsend for folks struggling with weight problems. Through his juice fast and exercise, the film’s protagonist loses a whole bunch of weight, and he finds […]


Questions About Caffeine

What is caffeine? Caffeine is a naturally-occurring substance commonly found in some fruits, leaves, and seeds. If those fruits, leaves, or seeds are ingredients in a product, that product likely contains caffeine. What does caffeine do? Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it gooses the central nervous system. Caffeine can ease fatigue, boost wakefulness, and improve […]


The Lives and Times of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are in season and taste the best at different times of the year. When deciding on meals and snacks, this list can help you get the most for your taste buds. Winter Produce: December-February Brussels sprouts Buttercup squash Chestnuts Collard Greens Kale Leeks Sweet Potatoes Turnips Clementines Dates Grapefruit Kiwi Fruit Mandarin […]


3 Ways to Keep Up Your Blood Sugar Levels

Your body needs energy to get through the day, and it gets that energy from the food you eat. Each time you eat something, your body turns it into sugar which your body burns to create energy. According to the Yale Medical group and, our body’s blood sugar levels need to be even and […]


The Truth behind Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is creamy, smooth, and has a slightly tangy taste. You can eat it plain, or with fruit. You can use it as a substitute in recipes that call for sour cream, milk, butter, and even mayonnaise. Greek yogurt also has many benefits if you are looking to eat healthier too. So what is […]