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Getting Water Without Drinking

Sometimes, you just can’t get to water. Maybe you’re little too busy to stop at a drinking fountain. Perhaps you don’t feel like packing a water bottle around with you. One thing is certain: even if you can’t drink, you need to get water into your system. Happily, you don’t have to. According to research, […]


Dihydrogen Monoxide: AKA Water

Some estimates put the water content of the human body as high as 80%. That’s pretty wet. Water is a vital component of almost every bodily function, from circulation to proper digestion. Water regulates our body temperatures and keeps us from overheating or freezing in intense temperatures. All in all, water is an extremely useful […]


Whittling Down Your Appetite

One of the major challenges involved in losing weight is learning to control urges to eat. Cravings can hit at any time, and can be really persuasive. It’s therefore necessary to learn to decrease your appetite and manage those cravings. Here are a few tips that may prove helpful: Brush your teeth or use mouthwash. […]



Those who dealt it, felt it.

Did I swallow a basketball? What the hell happened to my shoes and why can’t I button my pants? Gas. Bloaty, smelly, gurgling gas. No one likes to talk about it but when it happens…everybody knows. Being someone with gluten, soy, yeast and dairy allergies I really have to watch what I put in my […]


8 Glasses Of Water A Day? Really? Yes, really.

We’ve heard it all before, either from mom, grandma, or some health guru telling us to drink more water every day. Eight glasses of water a day has always been a sort of guideline but never really a scientific fact, but don’t drop that water bottle just yet.


The Vegan Way

Veganism can be considerably healthier than a normal diet. In 1996, the American Dietetic Association concluded that a Vegan lifestyle may significantly reduce risk of heart disease, colon and lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, and obesity. This new way of life evolved from the same concept behind vegetarianism. Vegans choose to stay away […]


This is Bananas

When you think of bananas you usually think of bananas splits, shakes, and banana bread. However, these magic fruits are more than just a tasty part of a dessert dish. Bananas are actually full of needed vitamins, fiber, and potassium. What does this do for us? Increases Cardiovascular Health Potassium happens to be an essential […]