Nutrition & Diet



Eating for Healthy Teeth

What you eat goes a long way towards deter­min­ing how healthy your mouth is. It’s easy spit­ting out a list of things that don’t do our teeth any good: soft, chewy, sug­ary snacks, and hyper-sweetened soft drinks. Those can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums, caus­ing cav­i­ties and gen­eral mis­ery. You can fight back […]


Kitchen and Pantry Overhaul

Mak­ing the deci­sion to eat healthy may seem like a sim­ple deci­sion, but it can be eas­ier said than done. In many cases, you can be your own food neme­sis. The keys to your un-doing may be hid­ing in your own pantry or refrig­er­a­tor. It’s much harder to resist eat­ing junk when you have it […]