Rest & Relaxation



Accentuate the Positive

Do you remem­ber Eey­ore, Win­nie the Pooh’s depressed, gloomy don­key buddy? He was the one who was always star­ing at his feet, say­ing things like “Thanks for noticin’ me”. He was one glum don­key. Now imag­ine if he wasn’t stuffed with saw­dust and had to deal with health prob­lems and other per­sonal cri­sis. How long […]


The Sleep Issues Checklist

You may be expe­ri­enc­ing a sleep dis­or­der if you suf­fer from any of the fol­low­ing con­di­tions: Trou­ble pay­ing atten­tion or con­cen­trat­ing Drift­ing of to sleep while dri­ving Dif­fi­culty per­form­ing at work or school Per­sis­tent lapses in mem­ory A need to nap almost every day Dulled reflexes, slowed reac­tion time Nod­ding off while inac­tive Inabil­ity to bri­dle your […]


TV Rots More Than Your Brain

Remem­ber back in the day when you were a kid and your mother shooed you from in front of the TV, claim­ing wild implau­si­bil­i­ties like too much tube would blind you? Well, it turns out Mom may not have been so nutty after all. Study after study has con­cluded that pro­longed TV-watching ses­sions can lead […]


Forgiveness is Healthy

All of us have been wronged by some­one else at some point in our lives. Whether by a friend, fam­ily mem­ber, or total stranger, each of us have expe­ri­enced the anger and pain that comes with being betrayed or mis­treated. When this hap­pens, it can be easy to develop a grudge against the one who […]


Body and Mind

Up until the 1800s, sci­en­tists believed that neg­a­tive emo­tions were the root of dis­eases. As sci­ence advanced and researchers dis­cov­ered the nature of germs, emo­tions fell out of favor as a cause of phys­i­cal mal­adies. More recently, researchers have dis­cov­ered that there indeed is a very real link between body and mind. The health of […]


Finding Peace of Mind

Con­tem­po­rary life is a rush of chaotic, dis­parate events that push and pull us to and fro and causes much dis­tress. Many peo­ple are seek­ing a way to quiet down their minds, bring­ing much-needed peace to their day-to-day exis­tences. Peace of mind is one of the most sought-after com­modi­ties in mod­ern soci­ety. While peace of […]


Sleep and Aging

Many things change as you age. Energy is harder to come by. Your phys­i­cal strength may lapse. It may be harder to con­cen­trate. You may even be rocked by a desire to sit on your porch and yell at punks who won’t keep off your lawn. The qual­ity and dura­tion of your sleep will also […]


Restless Legs Syndrome

Rest­less Legs Syn­drome (RLS) is a dis­or­der of the ner­vous sys­tem which affects the legs. The con­di­tion causes vic­tims to have uncom­fort­able sen­sa­tions in the legs: itch­ing, “pins and nee­dles”, or “creepy crawly” feel­ings. The feel­ings cause an uncon­trol­lable urge to move the legs in order to relieve the sen­sa­tion. RLS affects an esti­mated 10% […]