All About Sleep Position

Did you know that how you sleep can tell a lot about your per­son­al­ity? Peo­ple who sleep on their side with knees pulled up are sen­si­tive and shy. Those who sprawl out on their stom­achs are out­go­ing. Those who sleep on their side with legs and arms straight down are social and easy-going. Now these aren’t proven, but how you posi­tion your body as you sleep can give your body some ben­e­fits and problems.

Sleep­ing on your stomach

This posi­tion is not good for your body. Accord­ing to, sleep­ing on your stom­ach can put strain on your lower back and neck. Peo­ple also have trou­ble find­ing a com­fort­able posi­tion, so that can make them rest­less all night, and lower the chance of get­ting a rest­ful night’s sleep. Researchers do sug­gest using a soft pil­low or no pil­low at all if you sleep on your stom­ach, so your neck is at a level line while you sleep.

Sleep­ing on your back

Sleep­ing on your back is a bet­ter option than your stom­ach, but it can still cause back pain when you are on your back all night. Another prob­lem that can arise is hav­ing sleep apnea (trou­ble breath­ing evenly). You can use a pil­low or rolled-up towel under your knees to keeps your spine level.

Sleep­ing on your side

Accord­ing to, this posi­tion is the best one for your body. Being on your side is great if you have hip or back prob­lems, or if you are preg­nant. When you are on your side, this can help lower the chance of hav­ing insom­nia. If you want, you can put a pil­low between your knees to lower the chance of any back pain.