Are Energy Drinks Good Before And After A Workout?

Before and After workout formulas

Work­ing out is hard. Find­ing the energy can be tough so some of us may indulge in a pre-workout drink or maybe want to recover with one. So is a Mon­ster, Red Bull, Rock­star energy drink ok? They can be good for that ini­tial boost of energy but the crash can be over­whelm­ing. That’s because they are meant for a small boost for a short time. I have talked to train­ers and nutri­tion experts and they say those drinks are chalk full of caf­feine, and though they do pro­vide some essen­tial energy vit­a­mins, an energy drink through a sup­ple­ment ven­dor, along with con­sul­ta­tion is a bet­ter and health­ier alter­na­tive. I’ve used both types for before and after work­outs and I know that for me there is a HUGE dif­fer­ence. My work­outs last longer and feel bet­ter. The recov­ery drink I now take makes me feel bet­ter with­out the shak­ing and ner­vous­ness. I’ve also had less come­down “crashes” with my new pre and post work­out drink sup­ple­ments. The rea­son that I feel bet­ter is my new sup­ple­ments have twice to 3 times more actual vit­a­min con­tent than the stan­dard energy drink. The rea­son I feel this has been suc­cess­ful is because I asked a lot of ques­tions before my pur­chase, told the nutri­tion expert about my work­out and daily rou­tine, then they found two drinks that not only suited my work­outs, but my lifestyle as well. You may feel pro­fes­sional sup­ple­ments are more expen­sive but when you’re crank­ing out $3 for your favorite energy drink, a glass of Intek Pre-workout drink costs about eighty cents a serv­ing. Intek post work­out drink will cost about the same so you are still pay­ing half of what you would for the stan­dard energy drink in a con­ve­nient store. As with any work­out plan or diet, con­sult a pro­fes­sional to see what for­mu­las best suit you. So see a nutri­tion expert and see what is avail­able for you. You could be on your way to bet­ter work­outs, have more energy, and save some money as well!