Are Energy Drinks Good Before And After A Workout?

Before and After workout formulas

Working out is hard. Finding the energy can be tough so some of us may indulge in a pre-workout drink or maybe want to recover with one. So is a Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar energy drink ok? They can be good for that initial boost of energy but the crash can be overwhelming. That’s because they are meant for a small boost for a short time. I have talked to trainers and nutrition experts and they say those drinks are chalk full of caffeine, and though they do provide some essential energy vitamins, an energy drink through a supplement vendor, along with consultation is a better and healthier alternative. I’ve used both types for before and after workouts and I know that for me there is a HUGE difference. My workouts last longer and feel better. The recovery drink I now take makes me feel better without the shaking and nervousness. I’ve also had less comedown “crashes” with my new pre and post workout drink supplements. The reason that I feel better is my new supplements have twice to 3 times more actual vitamin content than the standard energy drink. The reason I feel this has been successful is because I asked a lot of questions before my purchase, told the nutrition expert about my workout and daily routine, then they found two drinks that not only suited my workouts, but my lifestyle as well. You may feel professional supplements are more expensive but when you’re cranking out $3 for your favorite energy drink, a glass of Intek Pre-workout drink costs about eighty cents a serving. Intek post workout drink will cost about the same so you are still paying half of what you would for the standard energy drink in a convenient store. As with any workout plan or diet, consult a professional to see what formulas best suit you. So see a nutrition expert and see what is available for you. You could be on your way to better workouts, have more energy, and save some money as well!