Becoming Your Own Masseuse

Mas­sages are a won­der­ful thing if you are sore, achy, or have tight mus­cles. Mas­sages also help reduce stress and anx­i­ety. If you don’t have the time or want to spend the money for a trip to a masseuse, you can give your­self a relax­ing mas­sage and enjoy the same ben­e­fits. Here are 10 tips on how to relax and relieve your body.

  • To relieve tired eyes, gen­tly mas­sage the area below your eye­brows, and below your eyes with your thumbs. Start from the inside of each eye socket, and work your way out to your tem­ples and jawline.
  • Another way to relieve tired eyes is to rub your hands together until they are warm, and then place each hand over an eye so the heat will trans­fer back to your eyes.
  • To relieve foot pain, put golf balls into a box, and rub your feet over the balls to reju­ve­nate and relax your feet. You can also use a ten­nis ball, and roll it with your feet so it mas­sages them.
  • For headaches, run your hands through your hair. Grab a hand­ful in your fists, and pull your hair gen­tly away from your head for a few sec­onds, and then release. Do this with dif­fer­ent clumps of hair. This will help relieve the headache tension.
  • Another way to relieve headache ten­sion is to bend at the waist and put your head on your chair for 30 seconds.
  • Each morn­ing and night, gen­tly hit your body with your fists to help relax your mus­cles and reju­ve­nate your blood circulation.
  • If you are work­ing on a com­puter a lot, make sure to have a ten­nis ball or some­thing to squeeze with your hands.
  • To mas­sage your hands, you can rub the heels of your hands together, use your thumbs to mas­sage the mus­cle below your thumbs and in your palms, and then gen­tly mas­sage the rest of your hand and gen­tly pull on each fin­ger to stretch them.
  • To mas­sage your neck, clasp your hands behind your head and use the heels of your hands to mas­sage the both sides of your next. Then you can use your hands to mas­sage your shoul­ders and the back of your neck.
  • To loosen and relax your back, stand up and put your hands on your back with the thumbs on your back and your fin­gers on your sides. Gen­tly press your thumbs into the sides of your spine, and move your hands up your spine while still press­ing your thumbs into your back. As you do this, move your back up, down, and then around in a circle.