Building Exercise Endurance

Exer­cise is an impor­tant part of main­tain­ing a healthy lifestyle, but start­ing an exer­cise or run­ning reg­i­ment can be a beast of a chore. You may not be able to go for as long, and with as much inten­sity, as you want at first, par­tic­u­larly if you’re a begin­ner or used to a seden­tary lifestyle. It’s impor­tant to know how to build up your endurance, so that you’ll be able to reach your exer­cise goals.

Start Slow

If you are just get­ting started, it’s impor­tant you start out slowly, in some cases very slowly. You may need to start with as lit­tle as 5 min­utes of activ­ity at a time. Keep an eye on your­self. If you can’t speak because you’re breath­ing too hard, or if you feel dizzy or a pain in your chest, you’re prob­a­bly push­ing your­self too hard. Be patient with your­self. You don’t want to get injured or give your­self a heart attack.

Build Grad­u­ally

Start with a short time and low inten­sity and go from there. Start by length­en­ing your ses­sions first, and then work on mak­ing them more intense. You should write down your goals and keep track of your progress. As you work out, it should feel like you’re actu­ally work­ing. Build­ing up grad­u­ally will help you do that.

Focus on your Heart Rate

If you want to increase your sta­mina, work on get­ting your heart rate up, and keep­ing it there. As you gain the abil­ity to keep your heart rate up longer and longer, you’ll increase the amount of work you can do.


Rou­tines are good. They pro­vide struc­ture and cer­tainty. Unfor­tu­nately, they can also become stale rather quickly. So mix it up. Run one day, shoot some hoops the next day, and do some cal­is­then­ics the next. This will keep things fresh and you’ll stay engaged and interested.

Warm Up, Cool Down

It’s impor­tant to get your mus­cles ready to work, so be sure to do a lit­tle light activ­ity be you begin your work­out proper. Walk­ing is good. End your work­out ses­sion with a cool down period, so that you don’t cramp up. Again, walk­ing is a good option.

All in all, the biggest key is to be con­sis­tent, be patient, and build up slowly. You may start off not doing much, but before long, you’ll be a work­out machine!