Building Healthier Burgers

A typ­i­cal part of Amer­i­can cui­sine is ham­burg­ers. You can have it plain, or load the ham­burger with toma­toes, onions, let­tuce, pep­pers, pick­les, or avo­ca­dos. Then there are the sauces, like ketchup, mus­tard, may­on­naise, ranch, or hot sauce. The bad news for this is that ham­burg­ers are usu­ally high in calo­ries, fat, cho­les­terol, and sodium. They aren’t the health­i­est choice to eat; how­ever, you can still make a deli­cious burger and still have it be a health­ier choice. Here are 8 ham­burger recipes from and that are healthy alternatives.

Spicy Turkey Burg­ers with Pick­led Onions

Inside-Out Cheese­burg­ers

Cherry Burg­ers

“Fajita” Burg­ers

Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Span­ish Pork Burgers

Bean Burg­ers with Spicy Guacamole

Low-Carb Burg­ers