Busting Cellulite

Cel­lulite. It’s not pretty. The lumpy, dim­pled skin on your thighs and bot­tom embar­rasses you and causes you to avoid activ­i­ties like swim­ming. If you’ve had enough and want to get rid of your cel­lulite, there are a num­ber of things you can do to fight back.

What is Cellulite?

Before get­ting into how to beat cel­lulite, it might be illu­mi­nat­ing to take a moment to think about what cel­lulite is and where it comes from.

Cel­lulite is more than just fat. There are fibrous ten­drils of con­nec­tive tis­sue called sep­tae that anchor the skin to the mus­cle tis­sue under­neath. The sep­tae form lit­tle pouches where fat can push up and cre­ate the cot­tage cheese-like appear­ance that accom­pa­nies cellulite.

Hered­ity and hor­mones are largely respon­si­ble for the pres­ence, loca­tion, and sever­ity of cel­lulite. Other fac­tors may include diet, tox­ins, and tight cloth­ing that restricts blood flow to affec­tive areas. There is no cure, but luck­ily there are ways to improve the appear­ance of cellulite.

Com­bat­ing Cellulite

If you want to fight back and reduce the appear­ance of cel­lulite, these are the most fool­proof steps:

  1. Eat a healthy diet full of fiber and whole grains. Fiber helps to push tox­ins out of your diges­tive sys­tem. Eat a lot of leafy, green veg­gies. And drink a lot of water.
  2. Exer­cise reg­u­larly. Fat is a part of the cel­lulite equa­tion, so excess weight can con­tribute. By exer­cis­ing reg­u­larly, you burn fat, shrink­ing the fat cells in cel­lulite and reduc­ing its sever­ity. Com­bin­ing car­dio exer­cises like jog­ging or swim­ming with weight train­ing to increase lean mus­cle mass and metab­o­lism seems to be the best strategy.
  3. Avoid smok­ing or con­sum­ing excess alco­hol, which put tox­ins in your sys­tem and make fight­ing cel­lulite harder.
  4. Brush your skin daily. This helps stim­u­late blood flow to the affected area, removes dead skin cells, and stim­u­lates new cel­lu­lar growth.
  5. Get a enough sleep. 7–8 hours of qual­ity sleep every night is recommended.
  6. Stay away from the usual sus­pects: fatty foods, sug­ars, diet soda, and processed food. You don’t want to plump those fat cells back up.
  7. Main­tain a healthy body weight. No yo-yo diet­ing. Remem­ber, it’s pos­si­ble to be skinny and still have cellulite.
  8. If all else fails, con­sult a pro­fes­sional. It can be costly, but if noth­ing else works, and med­ical pro­fes­sional may have some ideas or meth­ods you haven’t tried yet.

Note: There are tons of creams and wraps out there that claim to fight cel­lulite, but many of them are very expen­sive and many don’t hold up their end of the deal. Be wary of any­thing that promises results for lit­tle effort.