Cooking at Home versus Eating Out

People are always busy, and it seems that they are always needing to be somewhere else. Amidst this chaos, when do they eat? Fast food drive thru seems to be the answer, right? It’s fast, it’s cheap, and you can eat on the go. Who has time to go shopping, come home and make a dinner? According to, it is actually cheaper and more time-efficient to cook at home rather than spending money at fast-food restaurants. Even says that it is better to eat at home than eat out. By eating at home, you have more control over what you are eating and how healthy it is.

Cooking at home also helps your household bond. Who doesn’t have some kind of memory of being with people who created a home-cooked meal and getting to enjoy it with them? Take the time now to start cooking at home, and practice. You can become a whiz in the kitchen, and wonder why you ate out so much before.

According to, here are 7 tips on how to make cooking fast, easy, and cheap.

  • Buy whole foods instead of pre-cut.
  • Choose quick-cook foods.
  • Buy in season so the food will be cheaper than usual.
  • Check coupons before you go shopping, and use them.
  • Slice everything thin, so that it all cooks faster.
  • Use fresh food over frozen so that you don’t have to take the time to thaw them.
  • Work close to the sink so that you can clean as you go.